How-to Video: Upcycling Old Home Pieces

It reduces your trash, eliminates clutter, makes you work with your hands and be creative: what's not to like about upcycling old home pieces?

There’s another way to deal with old and broken furniture and home accessories without tossing them in the trash: good old upcycling DIY.

Upcycling old pieces is great on several levels: it reduces your trash, minimizes your useless clutter, and forces you to be creative and work with your hands. All in all, upcycling is a fantastic way to de-stress.

In this video, we teach you how to breathe new life into old luggage, muffin trays, a corkboard, and broken glass. When you’re done with your DIY projects, you’ll have given a completely new purpose to each of those items.

Now go ahead and create. You can do it!