Shaira Luna: Creating Stories Through Images

The thoughtful, imaginative photographer shares how she found the courage to pursue her passion.

Some of you may remember Shaira Luna as the genius of a child who was already in college by the time she was 13. Shaira was on her way to becoming a doctor but, as it turns out, it wasn’t what she really wanted to do.

Fast forward to several years later and Shaira has reinvented herself as a thoughtful, imaginative photographer. Creating images with a tinge of whimsy and nostalgia, she quickly became a favorite among art directors, editors, and advertisers. Finding her passion, however, took some doing, and she advises aspiring photographers to be patient in developing their own style and determined in building their skills set. The smart creature that she is, Shaira says going offline once in a while is good for creatives as inspiration comes best when one is present in the moment.