How One Man Helps Make Filipinos Money-Wise

Moritz Gastl,'s country manager, takes what he learned from his upbringing and previous employment and uses it to make more Filipinos more financially wise.

Moritz Gastl, country manager of, understands that educating Filipinos about money matters is a long and difficult journey. But he is in for the long haul; and knows the tools he needs to use to get this education underway.

As‘s main man, he uses the financial management platform to make comparison shopping the norm for Filipinos. After all, he grew up believing it is “normal to compare before [making] a purchase decision.” Such a habit helps secure value for money–an important factor in managing one’s wealth.

Check out what other things Moritz, as a former investment banker, has learned. Filipinos can pick up a thing or two from what he says, especially those looking to maximize their savings and secure the best loan for an Avida Land property. Managed well, your savings can help you find a home that is perfect for your needs.