Katarina Rodriguez: Beauty Queen and Peace Advocate

When Katarina Rodriguez shifted from the catwalk to beauty pageants, she started using her crown to make a better world. She tells us how she does it.

Outspoken and passionate, Ms. Intercontinental Philippines 2017 Katarina Rodriguez has a mission: to spread kindness and pursue world peace not just by wishing for it but by actually doing something about it. The model-turned beauty queen-turned peace advocate actively campaigns for HIV and AIDS awareness through The Red Whistle, a non-government organization whose mission is to fight HIV and AIDS by educating communities. As for world peace, Katarina took the first step in early 2017, when she flew to the Netherlands to deliver a message of peace. It concluded peace talks between the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front. With her priorities in place, Katarina proves to the world that she does deserve her crown, and much more.

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