Jules Aquino: Constantly on the Move

The team captain of Adidas Runners Manila, Jules Aquino has been a sports junkie for most his life. When his family lived in the United States, he tried practically every sport he could get his hands on, from basketball and tennis to wrestling and swimming. It wasn’t surprising then that he became a member of the track and field varsity team when he studied at the University of the Philippines in Diliman.

A highly motivated individual, one of the reasons why Jules wants to keep himself healthy is so that he could have the energy to pursue his many passions. Lately, he has been dabbling in animal flow, a fitness program combining quadrupedal and ground-based movements. He fervently believes that the physical self is a reflection of the mental self, and from the looks of it, the mind of Jules Aquino is one that is constantly seeking answers and constantly moving towards the right and good.