Designing Beautiful Spaces with Cheska Nolasco

Cheska Nolasco, a freelance interior designer, designs spaces to make them pretty and also to make them functional. Guess which element she makes sure to include in all her designs.

Interior designer Cheska Nolasco has been designing spaces professionally for a decade now. So she knows that, generally, Filipinos see interior design as more of a hobby than a career path to pursue. “They don’t see the blood and sweat involved in the creation of the design,” Cheska says. “All they see is the pretty design afterwards.”

That doesn’t daunt Cheska, though. She would much rather focus on her passion, which is planning and designing spaces. Because for her, every space counts.

After taking further studies in New York, Cheska, who also studied in the Philippine School of Interior Design, found her style: “New York became my style inspiration,” she says. “I love designing open spaces with lots of texture.” Today, she designs homes, restaurants, cafes and bars, retail stores, and office spaces. “I like seeing a blank space completely change,” says Cheska.

Thanks to the boom of residential spaces–both stand-alone houses and condominium units–more people are now beginning to appreciate the value of a professionally designed home. Cheska, with her talent for creating beautifully designed spaces, has found her spot in the sun.

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