Anthony Wahl: Cashing in on the Coconut Nut

Entrepreneur Anthony Wahl has discovered that one of the best things about the Philippines--the coconut--can be a brilliant source of business

When entrepreneur-model-avid traveler-health buff Anthony Wahl decided to explore his Filipino roots, he needed a sustainable way to continue his largely nomadic lifestyle. He found it in the humble coconut.

Already successful in e-commerce, Anthony took advantage of the abundance of coconuts this side of the world. “In the Philippines, we have a lot of coconuts, so this is the perfect place for [a coconut-based business],” says Anthony. He found that exporting coconut-based health products to countries that don’t enjoy the same abundance as the Philippines could sustain his passion for traveling. And so, he launched Nutrifera Organics, with the goal to make it the “global leader in coconut nutrition while uplifting the livelihood of Filipino farmers.”

Watch how Anthony makes all of his passions work together, all thanks to the coconut (and his business sense).

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