Chef JP Anglo: Negrense Cooking at its Tastiest

Sarsa Kitchen+Bar's main man Chef JP Anglo's culinary expertise is inspired by Negrense flavors. He has another passion, though--which is far away from the kitchen--that pushes him to put Bacolod dishes on the map.

Chef JP Anglo runs three restaurants: Sarsa Kitchen + Bar and his two Bacolod babies, Mushu Asian restaurant and Mai Pao. Developing the menu for three hot eating places is no big deal for Chef JP, who, since he was seven, has been fascinated by cooking. But once in a while, he does need to unwind and relax. Chef JP shares with Pursuit of Passion what he does to chill out (hint: it’s far away from his kitchens), what makes Negrense cuisine stand out from the rest, and the one Ilonggo dish he’d cook to impress someone.

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