Angely Dub: Travel in the Time of Social Media

Travel and social media are perfect partners especially for millennials. But Angely Dub knows the secret to meaningful travel--and it doesn't involve social media

Angely Dub, CEO of Access Travel and Tours, learned early on how lucrative social media can be for her business. While her friends were busy being young, Angely, at 19, started using Instagram to lay the foundation for her travel agency, which now sends tour groups all over the world.

“I was the first person to ride this trend: You send someone to a destination and they’ll post [on Instagram] about you,” Angely says of her marketing strategy. It definitely worked. Access Travel and Tours now counts Iceland, Morocco, Japan, South Africa, and Egypt among its regular tour destinations.

However, Angely is wary about the pitfalls of depending too much on social media. In her video, she talks about how to stay grounded while traveling despite the lure of constantly posting on Instagram.

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