The Best Life Within Reach

With Avida, you’ll always be moments away from an ideal mix of enjoyable activities.

Living the good life is having every possibility of new experiences within one’s reach. Whether it is spending quality time with your loved ones, or choosing to spend the day on your own, you can always find a place where you can get a good mix of activities that you can enjoy. 

Catch a Movie

catch a movie
There are many ways you can relax and getting good entertainment is one of them. Enjoy spontaneous movie dates with your friends and family, with just a few-minute drive away from home. Treat them to a relaxing movie experience in the new state-of-the-art BGC Central, so you can conveniently enjoy the amazing roster of the upcoming movie blockbusters.

Grab a Bite

grab a bite
A good hearty dish can always lift a tired and low spirit. Whether you are craving for Japanese, Italian or Filipino cuisine, living in an urban community allows you to enjoy these food varieties and you will surely find a restaurant that will satisfy that craving. Have you tried eating Wrong Ramen’s ramen with bacon and spam in BGC ? How about the sensational Dilis Rice of Fely J ’s in Greenbelt? If not, then you sure need to add these to your bucket list.

Retail Therapy 

retail therapy
 Shopping is a great way to reward yourself. This can be a way of celebrating big and small achievements and rewarding yourself for all your hard work. Once in a while, you can celebrate with a bag, a dress, or a gadget because this is one of the many advantages of living in a city. If you’re young at heart, you can even reward yourself with a limited edition Monopoly Board Game from Hobbes and Landes, which you can find at either branches in BGC Highstreet and Greenbelt 5.

Bring Out Your Inner Athlete

bring out your inner athlete
Living an active and healthy lifestyle is not only good for your physical wellbeing, but also for your mental and spiritual wellness. Whether these are active sports like basketball, running, or football, or relaxing activities like yoga and pilates – sweating it out will keep you balanced, refreshed, and healthy.

For those looking for something a little more out of the ordinary, living in locations like the Avida Towers Turf in BGC offers a multitude of new lifestyle and entertainment options, including the Flying Trapeze, The Turf soccer field while those with children may enjoy spending the day at Kidzania or Active Fun.

Choose the sport you enjoy the most – hit some balls at the tennis court, play some golf, or invite the whole squad for a competitive bowling tournament. If you’re looking for a laid-back activity, you can enjoy leisure biking with friends in Nuvali while enjoying the scenic view of the south, or go biking around the active North side of BGC and explore its modern and posh community. The possibilities are endless!