Pick Up Your Mood With Homemade Comfort Food

In terms of achieving wellness, we’ve touched on the need for relaxation, peace of mind, and even fitness. But sometimes, there are those days or moods when you just need to tuck into some good old fashioned comfort food to put a smile on your face.

Here are a few classic comfort food suggestions you can create in the safety of your own home for when you’re just not feeling up to facing the world:



If you’re a sucker for sweets, then champorado should do the trick. Imagine eating chocolate and rice porridge! Whether you like it warm or cold, this classic merienda should help you pick yourself up from Dumpsterville.

For a quick and easy recipe for black and white chocolate champorado (twice the color, double the flavor!), click here. For the more health conscious, you can try this recipe for oatmeal and chia champorado – minus the grease and guilt.

Pinoy Spaghetti


We all have our preferences when it comes to spaghetti, but one thing’s for sure: it’s hard to not love the sweet, savory taste of homemade Pinoy spaghetti. The charm is in the sauce: you can add as much banana ketchup to make it as sweet (or not) as you want. Chop up some hotdogs, throw in a can of corned beef, and you’re good to go.

Get out of the sad bubble and start cooking your Pinoy Spaghetti using this recipe.


Classic Grilled Cheese


For cheese lovers, there’s an awesome way to pick your mood up with this gift from the dairy gods. Not only has it been scientifically proven that cheese, and dairy in general, has a positive impact on people’s moods, it’s also a good souce of vitamins and minerals that enhance cognitive and mental functions. Furthermore, cheese contains Tryptophan, an amino acid that provides “calming action” and could help improve the quality of your sleep.

Create your grilled cheese ASAP! Click here for the recipe.

Spam (with pretty much anything)


If there’s one breakfast food that Pinoys can eat all day aside from our classic silog recipes, it would probably be Spam. Seriously, once you start munching on it, you can’t help but smile, especially with the sheer variety of Spam dishes you can whip up.

Put a smile on your face with these recipes.

Pinoy-Style Fried Chicken


It’s so good, juicy, and crispy, just the way lola used to make it. If your day didn’t end so well, or you’re in the mood to celebrate, go right on ahead and indulge yourself with some good old fried chicken – it will only take you minutes to prepare.

Create this comfort food using this recipe.