5 Fun Workouts to Try if You Hate Going to the Gym

Working out should not feel like torture. Check these five workouts that you can do to keep your heart pumping while you're having fun. By Stephannie Reyes

A lean and toned body is made in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen. Looking at the big picture, achieving your ideal physique is an 80-20 split between closely watching your diet and working out, respectively. Needless to say, we are all humans and this means that our food choices will not always be perfectly healthy and ideal–if you cannot perfect the 80%, you can work toward fully-achieving the remaining 20% by starting a workout program that will help you torch those calories away while relaxing and finding your center during a long day.

Going to the gym, however, is not everyone’s cup of tea–if you belong to the group who dreads visiting regular gyms, this does not mean that you should just throw in the towel and set your fitness goals aside. Thankfully, more and more non-traditional workout options are being offered around the metro which are not only fun and exciting, but are also strategically programmed to efficiently burn more calories in a less amount of time.

To help you kickstart your wellness journey or spice up your usual routine, here are 5 fun workouts that you can try and enjoy.

Spinning or Indoor Cycling
Average Calorie Burn: 400 calories/hour

At first glance, students in a spinning or indoor cycling class might simply look like they are riding their bikes outdoor, or simply riding a stationary bike. In reality, spinning classes involve constantly increasing and decreasing your bike’s resistance level and breaking into sprints or brief periods which require you to pedal hard and give it all you’ve got.

Aside from cardio, some classes also incorporate the use of free weights for muscle toning.

Music lovers enjoy spinning a lot as most spin classes are themed either by genre or by artist which sets the mood, making you forget about exhaustion.

Some of the prominent studios in the metro which offer classes are Electric Studio, Ride Revolution, Saddle Row, and Cyclehouse.

Pound Fitness
Average Calorie Burn: 500 calories/hour

Inspired by the fun experience of playing the drums, a Pound Fitness class is a combination of intense cardio and weight training workout . Armed with weighted Ripstix which closely resemble actual drum sticks, you can unleash your inner rockstar by drumming away and performing pilates and yoga-inspired movements.

Pound is designed for all fitness levels and is slowly gaining traction here in Manila by providing an ideal atmosphere to let loose while toning up.

Visit the Pound official website to find a class near you.

Bungee Workout
Average Calorie Burn: 500 calories/hour

If you have ever dreamed of flying, diving, and doing backflips like Peter Pan or your favorite action superhero, then you will surely enjoy Bungee Workout session.

Designed for all fitness levels, participants are weighed in before each session in order to determine the cord that would best fit them throughout the duration of the class. Bungee workout develops your core, glutes, and other muscle groups that you do not usually engage in typical exercises.

Movements throughout the class are low-impact and are injected with elements of dance and variations of standard movements such as squats, lunges, burpees, planks, and push-ups.

Currently, Movement Dance Studio is the sole studio offering this class in the metro.

Average Calorie Burn: 400 calories/hour

Outdoor activities are less accessible if you live in the heart of the city. But if you are looking for a different kind of adrenaline rush without leaving the urban area, you should give parkour a try. Bring out your inner action star and overcome obstacles in this terrain-based internal workout.

Parkour can be fun because aside from developing your strength and agility, you would not notice that you are already clocking in a serious amount of cardio workout because of all the running, jumping, climbing, swinging, balancing, rolling and vaulting while channeling your favorite action flick.

Ninja Academy in Libis is the Philippines’ first indoor Parkour facility and is the biggest in Southeast Asia.

Home Workout Sessions
Average Calorie Burn: depends on choice of activity

If one of the reasons why you hate going to the gym is the crowded area especially after office hours, you can opt to do your own workout at the comforts of your own home during your preferred schedule.

If you do not have enough space inside your unit, you can take advantage of wide, open spaces in your condominium building. Avida Land properties have amenity spaces where you can swim, jog, or do bodyweight workouts.

Loads of free home workout videos are now being offered in websites like YouTube and mobile apps such as Nike Training Club and Workout Trainer.

It is said that the only bad workout is the one the you did not do. In order for you to create a routine that is sustainable on a long term perspective, you must first invest time and effort to try out programs that interest you. This way, you can get a feel of each class, and determine which ones you enjoy the most. And to finally see results, you must pick a workout that you can commit to doing at least three times a week. Good luck on your wellness journey!