4 All Natural Cleaning Methods That Actually Work

Adopt a sustainable cleaning routine with these all-natural cleaning products. You save the planet and get a clean and tidy home at the same time! By Maita de Jesus

Going all-natural with your cleaning supplies sound great, but when some think of making the switch, the first question that usually comes to mind is: Does it actually work?

Going all-natural with your cleaning supplies sound great, but when some think of making the switch, the first question that usually comes to mind is: Does it actually work?

We’ve rounded up a few natural cleaning products that are all readily available in the market, have been tried and tested, and really deliver on their promise of a spic and span home. We’ve also added the option of making your own if you can’t find all-natural store-bought items that can do what you need!

Wash Vegetables Naturally with Vinegar

Those fruits and veg straight from the palengke need to be cleaned thoroughly before you can cook and eat them. And given how many people have had their hands on your pechay from farm to market, washing them under cold water simply isn’t enough!

Natural food cleaners can be found in a few groceries; Echostore Home Basics Fruit and Veggie Wash (echostore.ph), for one. Its formulation is primarily just distilled water, vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils, making it a good way to wash off the dirt and dust, while keeping your produce fresh and delicious.

To make your own, just remember that the key ingredient to cleaning your greens is plain old suka. Vinegar’s acidity makes it an effective cleaner for edibles; just mix one part vinegar to four parts water, add a tablespoon of lemon juice or calamansi, then shake well. Spray vegetables with the solution, and let stand for five minutes. Rinse the vegetables afterward.

Clean All Kinds of Surfaces with Essential Oils

The bathroom is one of the hardest places to clean in any home, and you need a tough and effective cleaner that’s up to the task.

A store-bought brand can do that naturally: Theodore’s Home Care Toilet & Bath Cleaner (www.theodoreshomecare.com) can be used from the floor to the toilet seat—anything that’s inside the bathroom. It can even be used as handwash, if necessary! Made with castile soap and tea tree essential oil, it gives off a clean, refreshing scent.

For a more accessible brand that’s more likely to be found in ordinary groceries, look for Messy Bessy Minty Orange Surface Cleaner (shop.Messybessy.com). It instantly removes stains, polishes surfaces, and keeps dust from settling for a longer period of time. Plus, the orange oil scent is an added pick-me-up!

Can’t find either? Luckily, you can make a cleaner for most surfaces in the house, using simple ingredients you can find at home. Wellness Mama’s recipe for an all-purpose cleaner combines one teaspoon borax, half a teaspoon of sodium carbonate, one teaspoon of liquid soap, two cups water, and drops of your favorite essential oils. Shake in a closed container, then use where it’s needed.

Wash your Dishes with Natural Ingredients

Dishwashing liquids in the grocery are known to be some of the household products that have the most chemicals, because it needs to be as powerful as possible.

Human Heart Nature’s Dishwashing Liquid (Humanheartnature.com), manages the neat trick of being both tough on cleaning and gentle on the environment. Non-toxic, chlorine-free and phosphate-free, what’s not to love?

If the shutdown prevents you from buying natural dishwashing liquid from the store, you can make your own using Jill Nystul’s simple formula. The recipe calls for grated Ivory or castile soap, water, white vinegar, and optional glycerin and lemon essential oils.

Put water and soap in a saucepan and stir over medium heat until well-dissolved, without boiling. After cooling a bit, add vinegar, glycerin and lemon essential oil, and mix well. While the resulting soap isn’t as sudsy as your usual store-bought brand, it’ll clean your plates while keeping your conscience clean as well!

Do Your Laundry with Natural Detergent

Laundry day is not a chore that most adults look forward to doing, but knowing you’re using a natural detergent like Nature to Nurture Free & Clear Laundry Powder Ultra Gentle (Naturetonurtureph.com) will make the chore a little lighter on the soul.

Fragrance free, it has no optical brighteners that adds chemicals to your clothes, but still cleans and removes stains, naturally. It’s so mild yet effective, that it’s good for babies’ clothes and for those with sensitive skin.

You can make your own natural laundry detergent at home, too: Erin Huffstetler’s recipe calls for mixing two parts borax, two parts sodium carbonate, and one part grated Ivory or castile soap; you can use up to three level tablespoons per wash load in your washing machine.

Cleaning your home is a breeze when you have any of these products at your disposal. Ready to go full-on adulting and have your home? Visit avidaland.com to get you started!