10 Apps to Keep Track of All Your Wellness Goals in 2020

Chances are, one of your resolutions this 2020 is to become a healthier version of yourself. Here are some apps to help you achieve just that. By Mai Bantog

“I want to be healthier this 2020!”

If you’re like most people, you likely have that kind of declaration (or at least a semblance of it) in your New Year’s resolutions.

But with all the distractions around plus your own hectic lifestyle, achieving these health and wellness resolutions are easier said than done.

Thanks to technology, there’s a multitude of apps you can download to enhance your physical and mental health.

Check out these top-rated health and wellness apps that will help you stick to your wellness resolutions this 2020.


Meditation can help you become calmer, more alert, and more attentive. If you want to get into the practice of meditating, the Headspace app is your friend.

Headspace (headspace.com) offers guided meditations that you can practice any time of the day, anywhere you want. It provides hundreds of meditation sessions to choose from, ranging from two minutes to 25 minutes.

You also have the option to choose the goal you want to focus on, whether it’s to help you fall asleep, relieve your stress, or aid you in personal growth.


Want to lose weight? So many apps can help you do that, but Noom (noom.com) differs because of its psychology-based approach. It first evaluates what causes you to gain weight, then comes up with a personalized plan to help you adopt healthier habits faster.

You also get to work with a certified coach to help track your progress and make sure you’re getting closer to your weight loss goals.


Some people need to be continuously reminded to drink more water, and that’s exactly what the WaterMinder app (waterminder.com) can do.

It tracks your fluid intake so that you stay hydrated throughout the day. The app even awards up to fifteen badges for completing various tasks (finishing your first perfect week, consistently hitting your goals for 30 days, and more).


Getting a fitness trainer doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The Aaptiv fitness app (aaptiv.com) provides access to thousands of workouts and programs led by certified personal trainers.

Simply enter your fitness goals, and Aaptiv will recommend different workouts for you. You can also customize the music and the duration of your workout in this audio-guided fitness app.


MyFitnessPal (myfitnesspal.com) has been around for a while, but it never gets old.

It’s a meal tracker that allows you to log your meals so that you can count their calories and get their nutrition facts. What makes it valuable is its vast food database that covers pretty much every food you’ll ever eat.

Aside from your meals, MyFitnessPal also tracks your exercise and physical activity throughout the day.

Pocket Yoga

If yoga is your workout of choice, having the Pocket Yoga app (pocketyoga.com) on your phone is like having a yoga instructor on-the-go. It features video illustrations narrated by a soothing voice to guide you in your poses.

You can customize your session depending on duration, difficulty level, and practice.


Want to start a new healthy habit?

Use the HabitMinder app (habitminder.com) to decide which healthy habit you want to build, like exercising, drinking more water, and standing up between work intervals. Track your progress by ticking off each box every day.

Every goal you complete reflects in your stats, giving you an extra boost of motivation.


Unlike other period trackers, the Clue app (helloclue.com) takes things up a notch by helping you make sense of your menstrual cycle.

Clue features an accurate menstrual, ovulation, and fertility tracker. You can put in symptoms like PMS, cramps, and mood changes to help you know your body better.

You can even add lifestyle factors (the “party” tracking category, for instance, lets you log in your intake of cigarettes and alcohol) so that you get a pretty accurate picture of how your activities affect you and your period.

Smoke Free

Quitting smoking is a tall order, but the Smoke Free app (smokefreeapp.com) is here to help you achieve it.

Smoke Free doesn’t only track your cravings and progress, but it also discourages you from picking that cigarette and lapsing back to your old habit. It shows you stuff like the money you’ll save if you don’t smoke, and even the hours added to your lifespan simply by not lighting up a cig.


Boost your brainpower while having fun with Lumosity (lumosity.com), an app that uses games to enhance your memory and problem-solving skills. The levels increase in difficulty depending on your performance.

Use the app 15 minutes a day, three days a week, and you’ll start to see improvements in your brain’s memory, focus, and attention.

While having these apps on your phone can help you live a healthy lifestyle, your environment matters, too. Avida properties within the city contain amenities like pools, gyms, and green spaces to make sticking to your wellness resolutions a lot easier.