Mobile Photography Made Easy

Since the advent of Instagram, users have been wanting to capture more and more picture perfect moments. Besides uploading beautiful travel photos, mouth-watering food images, and even impressive #OOTDs, users have also shifted into composing creative shots.

What makes mobile photography great is that the need to carry bulky digital cameras has become a thing of the past. Today’s smartphone cameras allow us to take photos of the same (or at least similar) quality anytime, anywhere. Here’s a list of things to remember during your next mobile photoshoot:

Maximize your light

Because using your phone’s built-in flash creates a splash of harsh glares, it would be wise to take full advantage of natural light instead. If possible, take a look at your camera’s ISO setting. ISO tells you how sensitive your phone is to the light around you. To make things easy: higher ISO means a brighter image, while a lower ISO offers you a more dramatic shot with a low-light photograph.

Pro tip: The best time to go out for a shoot is during the “golden hour” of photography. This takes place at 4 to 5 in the afternoon when the sun isn’t too high.

Color to set the mood

If you’re one to carefully curate your Instagram feed, then setting a theme or color makes things easier. Vivid colors give off an overall playful vibe to your profile, while a black and white color scheme add a little more depth to your images.

Pro tip: Image-editing apps like VSCO and Snapseed are a must-try to achieve a consistently beautiful Instagram feed.

Composing your shots

Now that you have a better understanding of camera lighting and color, it’s time to compose your frame. It’s important to align your subject with your frame. Centered images mean your main focus is your subject, while an off-centered technique sheds light on an interesting thing or two about your background.

Pro tip: Try practicing at home by turning a blank wall into an artistic background or honing your skills through experimenting and discovering which areas of your home can be IG –worthy. This allows you to master techniques like depth-of-field and the rule of thirds.

Go out and shoot

Remember that part of taking stunning photos is having fun. Go out and explore the urban streets of the city, or take a weekend beach trip with your friends. After all, when you come across those perfect moments, you’ll want to be secure in the knowledge that your photography skills can help make them last forever.