Don’t Miss Out on These Unique Food Joints in Northern QC

After a day of exploring Quezon City, settle down to one of these food joints that complete the Northern experience. By Diona Valdez


Quezon City is never a bore — with its wealth of shopping, entertainment, and cultural destinations, it would pretty much be a challenge exploring the city’s every corner.

But in case you need a break from wandering, there’s always a food joint where you can soak up the QC experience further. With so many cuisines to try, it’s really hard to catch up. You can always try though! Say hello to the different neighborhoods in Quezon City and start with these interesting options:


Think “sizzling” is only reserved for sisig? Let Kureji change your mind. Japanese for “crazy,” “kureji” accurately sums up what the restaurant is all about. Served in a stone bowl, each dish comes with a sizzling broth to cook the noodles until al dente. Diners are also provided with a timer so they know the right minute to pour the extra soup into the bowl.

The ramen ritual makes for a must-try dining experience, but that’s not the only reason why Kureji is unique. It serves chicken-bone broth that’s healthier than the usual tonkotsu-based ramen. If you’re the type who finds a packed menu too overwhelming, the restaurant is a safe bet, too. Kureji offers only four ramen dishes — why not order the Sizzling Shoyu Ramen (₱380) on your first visit?

Located at the Japan Town, 4/F, Ayala Malls Vertis North; Facebook page

Quarks & Quills Café

Quarks & Quills Café works as hard as its patrons. This restaurant-cum-co-working-space goes the extra mile by throwing in a tutorial center in the mix. For a change of scenery from your workplace or simply for catching up on your reading, this café is an awesome pick.

Best paired with energy-boosting coffee, all-day breakfast items can keep you productive as early as 7 am. Like your brekky sweet? Skip pancakes for Quarks’ fluffy bubble waffles. If munchies keep you focused and alert, try the Tinapa Wontons (₱120) — crunchy, savory appetizers deliciously paired with spicy-tangy tamarind vinaigrette.

Bonus tip: enrichment courses such as Mandarin, Hokkien, and culinary classes are conducted right in the Cafe space, for those who want to keep learning.

Located at 43-H N. Roxas corner Apo Streets, Sta. Mesa Heights; Facebook page

Mad Mark’s

Mad Mark′s Creamery and Good Eats is all about good value, to go by its artisanal ice cream and surprisingly affordable USDA-grade Angus steaks.

Their Signature Steak pulls out all the beefy stops, by packaging a 200g, deliciously-marbled premium slab of meat with your choice of two sides (including, but not limited to, smashed potato, “garden grains” rice, and corn and carrots) plus one kind of gravy.

It’s ice cream that put Mad Mark’s on the map, and they have a wide choice of flavors to choose from. The ice cream menu changes on the regular, so ask the staff for what they have on offer—they might have pecan cereal one day, cookie malt the next, and Madagascar chocolate much later.

Located at 2/F UP Town Center; Facebook page

Kko Kko

You might have heard of Kko Kko’s super-indulgent Chicken Cheese Fondue, but there’s more to this homestyle Korean chicken joint than crispy boneless chicken drenched in melted mozzarella cheese.

Try the Korean answer to the bento box, the “dosirak”. The dosirak meal comes with your choice of five different dishes: Daeji Bulgogi (pan-fried spicy marinated pork), Beef Bulgogi (pan-fried marinated beef), Galbi Jim (beef rib stew), Dakdori Tang (spicy chicken stew), and Samgyupsal BBQ (pork belly tossed in a sweet/spicy sauce). Sweet dilis, cooked kimchi, and egg complete the package.

Wash it all down with the store’s selection of Korean soft drinks, like carbonated milk and cinnamon soda.

Kko Kko was inspired by Grace Lee’s mom’s authentic Korean home cooking, and the inspiration shines through in both the menu and the modern rustic interiors.

Located at UG Central Garden, Ayala Fairview Terraces; Facebook page


Mango is arguably this year’s darling when it comes to fruity desserts. But as avocado has become in demand due to the increasing popularity of the avo toast (go, millennials!), one chef found a way to turn it into mango’s toughest competition yet.

This yummy innovation comes from Chef Czarina Jagto, owner of Avocadoria. She started whipping up her own Avocado Ice Cream Cheesecake which became a hit among her friends. Soon, she created more avocado-based desserts enough to open a humble stall along Marcos Highway.

While the signature Avocado Ice Cream Cheesecake (₱550/tin) is a crowd favorite, the Avocado Dream (₱90) is also a bestseller. Served in an avocado shell, it’s a scoop of avocado ice cream topped with decadent pastillas — seriously, who wouldn’t want that?

Located at 4/F, Ayala Malls Cloverleaf; Facebook page

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