A Beginner’s Survival Guide to Music Festivals

Music festivals are fun and all, but they are definitely events you have to come prepared for: Imagine a whole day outdoors under the sun, with nothing to sit on but blankets, alternating between sitting and standing among a throng of enthusiastic people during the entire show.

Here’s Pursuit of Passion’s rundown of the things you should have prepared to properly enjoy what could be one of the most eventful experiences of your life!

1. Do your homework

No matter how in tune you are with the music industry, it’s highly unlikely that every band in the lineup is a part of your current playlist. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll only know three out of ten – there’s nothing wrong with that. Check the lineup beforehand so you can plan your day (including food and bathroom breaks) around the bands you really want to catch in person. To get the most out of the day, it never hurts to go online and check out what each act has to offer.

  • 2. Check festival dos and don’ts

It is important to know the rules of the festival before making your way to the shindig. Know what you can and cannot bring so you avoid causing a hold up in the entrance.

3. Arm yourself with the ultimate survival kit

The most essential thing you MUST never forget are your festival tickets! After this, all you have to do is pack everything you’ll ever need for an 8 to 10-hour musical feast. Bring sunscreen, wipes, some mint, a power bank, and maybe a change of clothes.

  • 4. Wear a comfy OOTD

Along with your Survival kit, make sure you’re dressed for comfort; ready for anything. Given that festivals start early in the day through night, for sure you’re gonna sweat a ton and you don’t want to be sweating out on your months-ago-planned OOTD.

  • 5. Get a good spot

Usually, festivals are held outdoors, in grassy fields or enormous parking lots. Make sure you have a good blanket you can sit on and a spot with a great vantage point of the stage.

6. Be prepared for bad cell coverage

Call up all your friends before going inside the concert ground because for sure, signal is going to be a big hassle once you’re already in and it’s going to be impossible to contact people during the show. Plan several meet up places inside the event grounds in case you lose someone.

7. Don’t watch the show through your phone camera

Obviously, people went to the festival to catch their favorite artists live and for sure they wouldn’t be too happy if you decide to document the whole performance with your camera phone. Maybe take a few photos and short videos for remembrance but never stand the whole time holding your phone up. Enjoy the experience!

8. Expect long lines at the concession

It’s a music festival, so there will probably be thousands of attendees there having the same idea of getting snacks and drinks during the show. Make sure you enter the concert grounds full so you won’t have to suffer the long lines at the concession stand and the possibility of food running out.

9. Be friendly

It’s a festival! Smile and make friends! After all you’re all sharing the same experience together.

10. Plan your ride home

Of course, at some point after the show you’ll have to go home. And given that there are a thousand happy, exhausted people like you craving for the comfort of bed, transportation will be hard to get. Plan your ride home, maybe do carpool!