The 5 People You Meet at an Art Fair

Gone are the days when you can count art fair visitors with just the fingers on your hands and feet. Art fairs nowadays have become a watering-hole not only for the high society — who are definitely there to get their hands on the latest artworks of artists they patronize – but also for us mere mortals who just want to check out some good art. Amidst all the paintings and sculptures, spotting different kinds of people in art fairs is somewhat also a part of the experience.

So walk around, enjoy the art, sample free wine and hors d’oeuvres, and spot the 5 kinds of people you’ll most likely run into at an art fair.

1. Saucy Art Collectors

You’ll see them in almost every gallery during an art fair; sipping wine and chatting it up with the artists themselves – these exhibition-goers are in it for the kill. As a casual art show goer, you may be surprised how intense these collectors can get when battling over who scores the Borlongan or Garibay painting to hang on their walls at home.

2. Young Art Majors

These are artists who haven’t made it yet and are still looking for their medium. They usually frequent galleries, exhibits, and fairs on the lookout for work that will “speak to them” to soak up some inspiration.

3. The Social Media Crowd

With the advent of social media, it’s not unusual to find art connoisseurs whose biggest concern is capturing the displayed artworks with their phone cameras for immediate posting. But this isn’t a bad thing; thanks to these people, the art scene now attracts a larger market than ever before, which can be very good for artists’ exposure. Save for the constant taking of selfies or OOTD photos with the art, these guys actually help artists get their work out to more people.

4. The Artists and their Groupies

Yes, there is a need to put these two under one number. During exhibits and fairs, the artists are usually the hardest to find unless you’re a huge fan of theirs. Most of the time they just keep to themselves, observing people looking at their works and talking to actual buyers. On the other side of the pole are the groupies, fans who follow their art heroes to every exhibit and festival, no matter how small or out of the way.

5. Cultured Kids

These youngsters may not have the budget to acquire their favorite works yet, but they know a thing or two about the scene; which artist to look out for, which artists are most revered by the art world or which artworks are fresh. You might find yourself wondering who that person is who walks around every gallery saying hi to almost everyone he or she passes by. These kids know people across all scenes, which may or may have given them all these connections.

There are many other types of people who go to art fairs and the types of people who visit are getting bigger and more diverse. Art for appreciation will always be open for anyone so make sure to include people watching appreciation too on your next visit.