Transform Your Room With These DIY Makeover Ideas

There are mini makeover tricks that you can do yourself even if you only have an afternoon to spare.

Are you tired of looking at the same room every day? It might be time for a makeover! No, we’re not talking about an overhaul with carpenters doing the nailing and the drilling. Even a few tweaks can make your room look new. There are mini makeover tricks that you can do yourself even if you only have an afternoon or a day to spare. So the next time you get bored with your room looks, why don’t you try some of these easy DIY makeover tips?

1. Give your wooden furniture pieces a distressed finish.

Add a country or seaside-chic vibe into your room with this trick. Having distressed furniture pieces will also help make your home look less formal. If you already have a painted furniture piece and you want to distress it, all you need are sandpapers and a rag. You can also paint a furniture piece and distress it once the paint has dried for at least 24 hours. Watch this video to see how easy it is to do.

2. Create a functional foyer.

You don’t have to bring in a console table and come up with a conventional foyer, especially if you live in a small condo unit. Just mount some hooks by the door where you or your guests can hang their bags or hats when they come in. Put an umbrella rack as well. You can even add a small shoe rack where your visitors can leave their shoes on before changing into comfy slippers when they come for a visit.

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3. Mix framed photos, artwork, and typography on a wall.

If you don’t have new photos to replace those that are currently hanging on your wall, try printing out your favorite quotes in quirky fonts and framing them. This way, you add character to your gallery while giving yourself a daily dose of inspiration. You can even print out some patterns or frame old wrapping papers and hang them on your wall together with your photos.

4. Freshen up your bathroom with a new scent.

Give your bathroom a hotel-like vibe by making it smell like one. Scented candles and reed diffusers can leave a scent that lasts. Try green tea scent if you want your bathroom to feel posh and luxurious. If you want an energizing aroma, try a citrus one like lemon and orange. You can get these scents at Mia Maison (TriNoma and Greenbelt 5) and Alice Blue (TriNoma).

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5. Create an accent wall using chalkboard paint.

Why paint a wall with just one color when you can do so much more? On a chalkboard-painted wall, you can scribble reminders or important contact numbers. You can draw a mural or have fun with lettering and typography. You can change the look as often as you like, so it’s like coming into a different room all the time. Don’t know where to get chalkboard paint? Make your own with the help of this tutorial.