Top 5 Reasons to Start a Business in Cebu IT Park

Here's why you should consider starting a business in the Queen City of the South. By Lorraine Balita

starting a business in cebu philippines
Photo from Cebu Holdings

Cebu City, the trading and finance hub of Visayas, is home to Cebu IT Park—a 27-hectare mixed-use business district that is considered one of the premiere centers of lifestyle and business in Southeast Asia. It has been welcoming multinational companies from all over the globe for decades, and has been providing significant economic boost to the region. In fact, Cebu IT Park is home to 70% of Cebu’s BPO industry, making it a central business district that is alive almost 24-hours a day with many business opportunities you can explore.

Here are top five reasons why you should consider starting your business in this premiere IT park.

Lower Operating Costs

Cebu has long been a viable alternative to Manila when it comes to locations for businesses. Many companies chose to set-up shop in Cebu for cost considerations with Cebu having a lower minimum wage, rental costs and even utilities.

Rental rates for one are stable, and significantly lower compared to those in Manila. According to a Cebu Market Review Report rental rates in Cebu’s Business Disctricts are around 20% lower than those in Quezon City and even lower than offices in Makati. The cost of food and other supplies are also more affordable, which lowers the overall cost of living in the area.

The Region is Home to Talented Workforce

Your business will have a steady flow of talented and educated workforce since the region is home to some of the best universities in the country like University of San Carlos or University of Cebu. Should you decide to expand, hiring more qualified staff shouldn’t be a problem because many fresh graduates from universities in Cebu and neighboring regions flock to Cebu City and Cebu IT Park in particular in search of job opportunities.

Cebu is also well-known for its English-speaking population, with most able to comfortably converse in English, making the place even more attractive to BPOs and multinational companies.

Rising Purchasing Power of People in Cebu IT Park

Cebu IT Park is home to many multinational companies including IBM, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, many BPOs, and a number of other international companies that offer competitive and attractive compensation packages to employees. Big salaries mean more people with disposable income, and more people ready to support and sustain your business.

Modern Infrastructure and Transport System

Just like many business districts in Manila, Cebu IT Park boasts modern, world-class infrastructures that can support your business needs. It is master-planned to integrate sustainability with technological advancements.

It is also easily accessible since it is connected to Cebu’s major roads and are reached by many modes of transport including the Ceres and Beep buses that service many stops and locations in and around the IT park.

Cebu IT Park is also Home to Residential Properties

Because nothing beats skipping the drive or commute and living a few steps away from your business or your office. Cebu IT Park also offers residential options for entrepreneurs who will set up shop there or employees who want to live close to their place of work.

Avida Towers Riala, in particular, is located only a few steps to the best the IT Park has to offer. It is within close proximity to schools and hospitals which makes it perfect even for those with families. It also offers good opportunities for retail businesses for those of you who dream of owning your own business. Aside from its enviable location, Avida Towers Riala offers different types of retail spaces that suit your lifestyle. Not to mention the fact that running a business in mixed-use developments has several advantages. You can easily download an application form and follow the steps for merchant application here.

If you are one of those who are in search of the perfect location for your business venture, Avida Towers Riala in Cebu IT park offers opportunities and convenience in the middle of a thriving development.