Creative Storage Tricks for Small Bathrooms

Even if you have a tiny bathroom, you can have adequate storage spaces. Check out these tips on how to achieve this. By Katherine Lopez-Hernandez

Say goodbye to a messy bathroom with enough creative storage spaces

With homes and condos getting smaller nowadays, you will rarely encounter spacious bathrooms. Condo bathrooms are also typically turned over with only the basic fixtures but not enough storage spaces. However, don’t fret! Here are storage tips that will work well in small bathrooms, so you can bid goodbye to a messy T&B.

1. Add built-in cabinets.

You can have cabinets built under your sink or mounted on the wall, depending on the available space inside your bathroom. This way, the measurement of the cabinets will be just right for your bathroom, and every inch of space will be maximized.

2. Install ledges or floating shelves.

If you think cabinets will make your bathroom look cramped, you can go for open storage solutions. These won’t occupy precious floor space. They are great for storing your spare towels and stocks of toiletries. Just make sure your items are organized on them to avoid visual clutter.

Check out Furniture Source and take your pick from the store’s ledges and floating shelves.

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3. Mount hooks on your wall or behind your bathroom door.

These are clever organizing tricks so you can properly hang your towels or robes instead of leaving them folded on your bathroom counter (and risk them getting wet). If you want simple, no-fuss hooks, use 3M Command Hooks, which are available in almost all hardware stores and home depots. Meanwhile, these ones from Lazada sport different styles that can suit your preference.

4. Use baskets to corral your bathroom accoutrements.

Baskets are not only for the kitchen or living room. They can also be used in your bathroom as storage solutions. Baskets are great for storing extra rolls of toilet paper and towels. They also add warmth and texture to a plain and drab bathroom. You can order pretty baskets at Domesticity.

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5. Use trays to keep your bathroom counter organized.

Bottles of lotion, moisturizers, soap, and tubes of toothpaste can cause clutter on your bathroom counter. Keep this spot organized by corralling these items on a tray. It will also be easier for you to remove these items when you need to clean the counter. You can use your old serving trays or you can shop for cute trays at Landmark in Makati City and in Trinoma, Quezon City.

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