Staycation Society

No need to spend much to enjoy the luxury of your well-deserved vacation.

Are all your friends going on an Instagram-worthy vacation and you feel left out? Are you on a tight budget and you just don’t find the time and money to splurge? Then maybe it’s about time you manage a well-deserved vacation without indulging on expensive trips and hours of long drive. Breathe and take a break, or at the very least, enjoy your days with convenience by staying in your own home – yes, a staycation.

Now, what does one really do on a staycation? Here are a few activities that you can do while you’re indulging in the joy of staying home.


Start the day with a quick run.

Nothing clears the head like a good run. Lace up and take advantage of one of the many free running tracks and trails that are within reach of major condo developments, such as Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City or Track 30th in BGC.


Take some time off online.

internet time off
In today’s wired society, it’s easy to get caught up or lost in the latest trends, gossip and news while casually browsing your social networks. Disconnecting for a while is essential to declutter your mental inbox, for some much needed time for yourself.


Take a dip in the pool.

Many condos offer wellness facilities that help you forget the grind of daily life, allowing you to just relax. You’d be surprised with the wonders a regular dip in the pool can do, not just for your state of mind, but for your overall health and fitness!


Hangout with a refreshing drink by the pool while reading a book.

Work on your tan while enriching your mind by curling up with the latest and top selling reads.


Host a movie marathon with your family or friends.

Whether you’re catching up on recent blockbusters or binge-watching the latest shows, there is no better and cozier place to enjoy these than your own place. Invite some friends over to share in the fun!


Get a massage.

Sometimes, the traditional ways are best. The proliferation of home massage services means that you can get a dose of affordable wellness in the comfort of your own condo, be it in BGC, or Manila.


Order In

order in
These days, you can enjoy great cuisine without even stepping out your door. If you’re living in BGC, check out Recovery Food’s famous Tapa de Morning. They’re open 24/7 so give them a call and enjoy your breakfast in bed anytime of the day.


Catch Up On Sleep

catch up on sleep
These are easy, simple ways on how to can maximize your staycation. But here’s the thing: every day can be a staycation as long as you feel comfortable, well rested and satisfied in the comfort of your condo. Instead of spending the money on an expensive trip, you can use the money to making your staycation more fun for you, your family, and your friends.

The idea is simple: the only thing that matters is that you take some time off from your busy week and the stress that comes with it; simply because you deserve it.