Different Ways to Spruce up Your Bedroom with Lighting

Check out these bright ideas on how to play with lighting. By Katherine Lopez-Hernandez

Play around with lighting to spruce up your bedroom (Photo by NeONBRAND for Unsplash)

A bedroom is not just a room. It is your sanctuary, your very own private place where you can be yourself. Out of all areas in your house or condo unit, your bedroom is probably the space that shows your personality the most. It is like an extension of yourself.

To make your bedroom more you, you can dress it up with accessories. But what if you’re not a fan of knickknacks or frames on the wall? You can play around with lighting to spruce up your bedroom. Here are a few tips:

1. Create a cozy ambiance through the use of cove lighting.

If light coming from a light bulb directly mounted on your ceiling is too harsh for you, go for cove lighting. This gives your room a softer look and a relaxing, hotel-like vibe. You can even control cove lighting with different switches, depending on your mood, so you can make your bedroom as bright or as dim as you want.

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2. Glam up your bedroom with a chandelier.

Chandeliers don’t just belong in living areas and grand hallways. If you’re going for a traditional or romantic look in your bedroom, adding a chandelier can let you achieve your design peg in an instant. Don’t forget to consider the ceiling height when choosing a chandelier so your beautiful lighting piece will hang just right from your ceiling.

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3. Decorate your room with fairy lights.

This trick can make your bedroom look feminine and quirky. Those tiny lights can give a plain and drab room that much-needed sparkle. You can hang them on the ceiling, wall, or even on your headboard. Some fairy lights are also battery-operated.

You can buy fairy lights in True Value (it has branches in TriNoma, Ayala Malls Vertis North, and Ayala Malls Cloverleaf) or at iprice.ph. If you’re worried that your bedroom might look like a little girl’s playroom with fairy lights, go for a more mature color scheme. You can try pastels with gray undertones or solid colors to keep your bedroom from looking too sweet.

4. Utilize natural light in order to enhance your bedroom.

Aside from making your bedroom bright and airy, natural light can give your room unique details. Install window shutters or window grills and get thrilled by the shadows these will cast when hit by light coming from the outside. If you’re going the eco-friendly route, you can also replace regular light bulbs with tubular daylighting devices or TDDs. TDDs harness light from the sun in order to illuminate your room. Using TDDs can even help you save up on electricity. You can buy TDDs here.

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5. Mix different lighting fixtures in your bedroom.

Because why not? You don’t need to be confined to one kind of lighting fixture. You can complement cove lighting with an eye-catching pendant lamp. Then, you can dress up your bedside with wall sconces or table lamps. Feel free to play around with different lighting fixtures to suit your needs and design aesthetic. After all, it’s your personal space, so the rules are up to you.

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