Space-saving Tips When Furnishing Your Condo

One of the biggest challenges for condo owners is finding creative ways to maximize precious space without sacrificing comfort and style. From getting the right furniture to freeing up more storage space, it's always tough to strike the right balance. We've listed down tips to help you out. By Sid Ventura

It’s a space-saving dilemma faced by almost every studio-type condominium owner: how do we get all our stuff into a small space? Whether it’s figuring out the right bed size or looking for ways to free up more storage space, striking the right balance between practicality and style is always a challenge.

But there are ways to get creative when it comes to furnishing your unit without sacrificing comfort. Pursuit of Passion shares these tips:

1. Maximize storage space

One of the biggest challenges of living in a confined space is finding enough places to store all your belongings. From clothes to books to items for everyday use, storage space is a premium in a condo. The trick is to put every available space to good use. Use seating that can double as storage space or night stands, or tables with long legs that can accommodate more storage underneath. If you won’t get a bed with a pullout mattress (more on that later), get one that has multiple drawers on the side.

2. Use the wall

Go vertical. Your horizontal space-saving options aren’t too good, anyway. For your living room, instead of bulky cabinets put up shelves wherever you can and mount your TV on the wall instead of placing it on a table. In the bathroom multiple shelves will also help.

3. Get multiple-use and easily stored furniture

Let’s face it: if your condo is a studio type, you probably won’t have enough space to get both a study table AND a dining table. So get one that can double as both. Need an extra bed? Buy one that has a pull-out mattress that can be hidden during the daytime. Invest also in tables that can be lengthened if you have guests. Foldable chairs and tables are also good space-saving solutions. Some condos don’t allow laundry to be hung outside the window. In this case get a foldable laundry rack that you can easily store when not in use.

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4. Minimize possessions and declutter

Of course, the best way to deal with so much clutter is to simply declutter. Avoid duplicates of the same item. You probably won’t need 20 different types of knives or coffee mugs in your kitchen, so just limit them to three or four. That extra mini sofa will also probably have to go. List down your bare essentials and absolute necessities and keep them. Throw away the things you don’t need or keep them in a nearby storage facility.

5. Be organized

With so much hidden storage, it’s important you label all your containers properly. Every few months take time to see what else you can do without. If you haven’t taken certain stuff out of a particular storage unit after a certain amount of time – say, six months – then chances are you can live without them. Reserve a space or drawer also for items that you frequently use, like a pair of scissors, a stapler, pens, tape, tools, and other similar things.

Follow these tips and the space constraints of your studio unit will be a thing of the past. Now you can begin inspired living in your condo. Avida Land’s condominium units are designed to give residents free reign over their unit’s space-saving solutions. Visit Avida Land today to find the right unit for you.