Space Makers

You’ve probably come across articles and videos that show multi-functional furniture created to maximize small living spaces. These home furnishing ideas offer not only form, but are also designed for function.

Here are a few furniture hacks to help you maximize your home in the city and make the most out of your cozy space:


Even furniture can multitask

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When there’s more to your furniture than meets the eye, you end up saving on valuable floor space.


The art of space-saving has given birth to an industry that – ironically – is perpetually growing, and you would be amazed by the number of designs that have certain pieces of furniture doing double duty as other kinds of furniture, such as the sofa bunk bed pictured above.

Among the many specialty stores here and abroad that have transforming, space-saving furniture in their catalogues, you might want to check out Expand Furniture and Resource Furniture. If you would prefer something that is custom-made for you and your space, you can actually look up expert local furniture makers such as Kubular to create quality pieces for you.


The Power of Illusion

mirror room

Reflective surfaces can help give your space the illusion of size.


Think vertical. Go for drapes. Use lighter hues. Install mirrors.

These are some of the basic and most trusted tricks to fool the eye into making your place seem bigger. Interior design is like any other game: all you need to do is strategically arrange and rearrange.


Sweet Spots


Furniture can also serve as storage space!


More often than not, the condo lifestyle is perceived as one that doesn’t leave you with much space to work with. If you cannot live without everything you own settled under one roof, then you have to be wiser about your storage. One way to do this is to consider furniture with built-in spaces where you can stow your stuff.

HYBRID Convertible Furniture of Convertti Design Company is a Manila-based furniture design company that creates space-saving and multifunctional furniture that can help you with this. Check them out on Instagram and Facebook.


Be creative


Don’t be afraid to take chances when it comes to styling your home – have fun!


Need we say more? As with any design activity, styling your home will involve a great deal of moving things around to see what works and what doesn’t – which is totally not a bad thing! Experiment with different kinds of furniture and décor, and don’t be afraid to take a chance; hitting the perfect combination will require a lot of trial and error, and therein lies the fun. Take your time, try new things, and most of all: have fun.

After all, it’s your space!