Are You The Perfect Travel Buddy?

Check out this list of the qualities of a perfect travel buddy and see if you fit the bill. By Felice Tusi

If you’re considering your next getaway with friends, and are itching to be the travel buddy everyone wants to take along, this one is for you. Remember that going on a trip requires a lot of planning, including choosing the right travel companion to make it more fun. A popular Buddhist saying about searching for the right company says it all: “Travel only with thy equals or thy betters; if there are none, travel alone.”

Read on to find out what the seven best qualities of a perfect travel buddy are; see if you possess them all!


Friends traveling together must agree on a general budget. Will you be penny-pinching by booking an affordable hostel? Or does your group prefer accommodations in ultra-chic boutique hotels? If you want to be an in-demand travel buddy, know everyone’s budget in advance. That will ensure smooth sailing throughout the trip, allowing you to easily choose where to sleep, eat, and how to get around.


Avid travelers tend to stick to their own travel styles, to which they’ve grown accustomed after countless times heeding the call of wanderlust. Some like to sleep in in the morning, while others are up and about at breakfast time. Learn to be flexible and work out a convenient schedule for everyone. Negotiate and meet halfway to settle differences especially on the itinerary.


Making decisions about tricky situations during your travels involves healthy discourse among you and your companions. Each one has to step up to the plate and voice out their opinions. Traveling with someone who’s content on staying in the sidelines, leaving it up to the others to make decisions, is frustrating. That said, it’s also irritating to put up with a tyrant dictating the flow of the day’s itinerary.

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Organized and Always Prepared

Travel companions who never lose their head and are always on top of things are the ones you need to have in your circle. These people almost always have what the group needs on the road–be it Internet connection, toilet paper, medicine, or insect repellent. In the event that they’re caught empty-handed, they will know how to get what the group needs. The perfect travel buddy also has a talent for making sense out of a confusing itinerary.


Travel companions who profess love for food will know where to go for a good meal in the city. Take advantage of a certified foodie’s well-researched list of must-eats for a truly satisfying food crawl in your destination. If budget is limited, don’t worry because chances are, your foodie friend is bound to know reputable places for cheap eats.

Knack for Navigation

All seasoned travelers know this: it’s handy to have mad navigation skills. If Internet connection is non-existent where you are, you will be forced to use old-fashioned maps, which can be confusing to read if you have the wrong orientation. Someone with a good sense of direction can take the group from point A to point B without any fuss. And if they can’t, they will care too much about finding the right way that they won’t hesitate to stop and ask for directions. With a map-savvy buddy around–who knows when to ask for help if the map fails–you can easily find your way around a new city.

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You only live once. Adventurous types are not afraid to get their feet wet and veer away from their normal routine. They jump at the chance to take a crack at something, knowing that there might be no other opportunity to doing so next time. Say yes to more adventures so that you will never look back in regret.