Why NUVALI is Your Perfect Family Retreat

Enjoy a weekend in NUVALI with endless options for recreational activities fit for all ages. By Felice Tusi

Thinking of where to go this weekend? If you’re constantly searching for the perfect retreat after a busy week, look no more because NUVALI is just a short drive from Makati. Here are a few fun activities that show why NUVALI is the premier weekend destination down south of the metro.

1. Thrills at the wakepark

Right within NUVALI, you have access to world-class wakeboarding facilities without having to travel far. Republ1c Wakepark caters to both professionals and beginners, offering two wakeboard lakes where all the action happens. The park also includes accommodations should you want a full experience over the weekend.

2. Enjoy a water taxi ride

Water taxis are docked by the lake for leisurely rides around Lakeside Evozone. For just a small fee, families can enjoy the mini-cruise while admiring the serene landscape. Watch out for bumpy moments during your ride as the boat maneuvers through the water.

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3. Food, and lots of it

Should hunger pangs strike after enjoying the ride, there are several lakeside restaurants in Solenad 1 for your dining pleasure. Choices abound from popular restaurants such as Crisostomo, Uncle Cheffy’s, Conti’s, Domo Tomo, and Yellow Cab. For yet more food choices, take a short walk to the mall nearby to see more dining establishments.

4. Retail therapy

Ayala Malls Solenad, right across Lakeside Evozone, is the retail heart of NUVALI. It has immensely grown over the years, extending space for a supermarket, cinemas, and yes, more restaurants and shops! The pioneer outlet stores, cafés and service shops are still there as reminders of NUVALI’s early days.

The layout of the mall allows you to enjoy the natural elements as you shop from one building to another. Find your way easily with the help of conveniently placed walkways set on verdant landscaped grounds. Parking is not a problem, thanks to the ample space around the mall. Biking enthusiasts can also find bike posts for safekeeping of their precious babies.

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5. Biker’s Mecca in the South

NUVALI is a premier destination for cycling fans, owing to its stunning surroundings. Here, vehicles and bikes safely share the roads, creating a biker-friendly community. Extensive trails are expertly laid out for both beginners and advanced riders. Want to try it out? Drop by the clubhouse first to register before using the trails. This way, they can keep tabs of the safety of the bikers for the day.

Back at the Lakeside Evozone, bicycles can be rented by the hour for a modest fee for those who want to explore the area on two wheels.

6. Bird watching and the great outdoors

NUVALI stays true to its eco-friendly practices by maintaining the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary. Covering 17 kilometers, the forest zone allows you to get acquainted with local birds and plants thriving in their own habitat. Trails for jogging and biking are also included in the sanctuary so you can conquer your fitness goals.

7. More adventures at Camp N

The newly opened Camp N is designed for the fitness buff who loves the outdoors. The park’s attractions include the physically challenging courses and the Adventure Tower that feature the dizzying Rollercoaster Zipline! There are fun recreational activities for kids as well.

With so many things to do in NUVALI, wouldn’t it be more exciting to live in the area? Experience suburban living at its best in Avida Southfield Settings. The modern-contemporary residences found south of NUVALI motivates you to live a healthy and active lifestyle with its invigorating surroundings and proximity to recreational facilities near the village.

Families will no doubt like the location of the Avida property because of the prestigious Manila schools such as Xavier School and Miriam College that have set up NUVALI campuses. You can wake up to sights of lush greenery and rolling hills and not be bothered by pollution or heavy traffic. That alone should be reason enough to call NUVALI home.