What You Should Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

Don’t get caught up in moving-day rush by taking note of these reminders before hauling all your stuff to the new place. By Felice Tusi

Moving into your new home–whether it’s a condo or a house–is likely to be filled with both excitement and anxiety. Moving all your stuff into a new place requires a great amount of preparation. To save yourself from undue stress, Pursuit of Passion helps you be ready for the big day with some important points to ponder.

Checklist for your new home

1. Organize everything first.

Don’t dive into a packing frenzy for your new home just yet. Organize your must-dos through a handy weekly checklist that will help you prepare for the big move. Give yourself ample time, like 6 to 8 weeks, to cover everything that needs to be done. Feel free to delegate some minor tasks to your family or friends, helping you to focus on more pertinent matters. Having a checklist allows you to keep track of everything and lessens the chances of encountering setbacks at the last minute.

Cleaning materials for your new home

2. Clean before you move in.

Nothing feels more welcoming than the clean scent of a new home. This is the ideal scenario right after you turn the key and enter your new condo. To achieve it, schedule a general cleaning day of your new place while it is still empty. Doing so will make it easy to reach nooks and crannies where dust or dirt might have settled. Be sure to make a thorough cleanup of windows, the kitchen sink, and installed cabinets. If you’re not skillful with the mop, broom and other cleaning tools, contact professional cleaners who will do the dirty work.

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Check the utilities of your new home

3. Check the utilities if they are working properly.

After the general cleanup, you may want to test the utilities of the new home to see if everything is working. It will also ensure your safety even before you move in. Report malfunctions like leaking pipes and faulty power sockets to your condo’s building administration immediately. It’s also wise to know the location of the circuit breaker and water valve that control the flow of utilities in your new home.

Move into your new home in good weather

4. Choose a perfect time, or season, to move in.

You don’t want to haul your belongings in the thick of the monsoon season in the country, right? Make sure there’s a pleasant weather forecast on the day of your move. For families with children still attending school, scheduling the move during summer vacation makes sense to avoid disrupting their schedule.

Change your address to your new home

5. Don’t forget to change your billing address.

Look into changing your billing address way ahead of time. Notify service providers of your mobile phone, Internet, insurance and other similar entities. Inform your bank as well that you have a new address to keep your personal data updated. Likewise, contact your friends, family and current neighbors of your change of address.

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Talk to your new home's building administrator
Photo by Nick MacMillan on Unsplash

6. Talk to the building administrator about move-in policies.

Make an appointment with the building administrator to go over important details like monthly dues, renovation requirements and other vital information. Discuss with them their move-in policy so you’ll know for sure what to avoid when you’re hauling all your belongings to the condo.

Go around your new neighborhood

7. Take a tour of the new neighborhood.

While planning for moving day, it’s also time to get acquainted with your new environment. Take a tour of the neighborhood to help you get your bearings. Look for essential go-to places like coffee shops, malls, banks, medical centers, restaurants and other points of interest.

Throw a party in your new home

8. Plan a party!

It’s never too early to plan a housewarming party. Acquiring your own home is not an easy thing to do. You deserve to celebrate the happy milestone with loved ones. Schedule the party a month after your moving day, giving you enough time to spruce up the new place.

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