5 Ways To Make Space For Your Hobbies

Show some love to what you're passionate about by giving it its own spot—​no partitions needed! By Katherine Lopez

Into design or photography in your downtime? How about putting your space by the window. (Photo by Vadim Sherbakov on Unsplash)

We all have hobbies, and devoting a space to them is just as important as making time for them. But with living spaces getting more compact these days, even a corner for your most beloved activity seems like a luxury. Don’t fret! Even if you live in a condo unit, you can still dedicate a space for your hobby. Here are some tips:

1. Define the space through an eye-catching wall decor.

This will trick the eye into seeing that it is a separate space, even if it doesn’t have partitions. If you love writing and blogging, for example, you can create a distinct computer area by painting a wall with a striking color and positioning your desk against it. Aside from painting, you can spruce up the wall with frames. Landmark Trinoma in Quezon City offers a lot of options—from dainty wall decor to framed typography that shows personality.

2. Work around an outlet.

Whether your hobby involves computers or musical instruments, another clever way of devoting a space for it is to dedicate an outlet for it. Make sure that you won’t be needing this outlet for your other appliances. Then, position your paraphernalia—may these be a TV and game console or electric guitar—and voila! You now have your gaming or music corner.

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

3. Hang your materials on the wall.

When you’re running out of floor space, go vertical! The walls offer endless possibilities. If you’re into arts and crafts, you can mount a rod or hooks on your wall, put your bottles of paint and brushes in small catchalls, and hang them on the rod using S-hooks. It’s so easy! You can get S-hooks, rods, and screws in True Value, 3/L Ayala Malls Vertis North, Quezon City.

4. Use the window as an anchor.

You can also situate your hobby space by the window to make it instantly distinct from the rest of your space. Then, add life to this corner by decorating with quirky accessories that bring out your personality. Then, for storage, you can use boxes that you can keep under your desk in order to save space.

5. Create a sitting area on the floor.

An area like this makes for a cozy reading nook. All you need is a mat or your old mattress when you were a child and some pillows. You can add some wall decor as well to help anchor the space.

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