How to Maximize Your Travel Budget in 6 Easy Ways

Follow these tips and you’ll see that travel adventures are more enjoyable without having to stress over money woes. By Felice Tusi

How to maximize your travel budget in 6 easy ways
Traveling may be expensive but it doesn't have to break the bank

Planning for your travels this year (summer is coming!), yet worried about spending too much? Traveling may be expensive but it doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of ways to see the world with a meager budget. Let our guide below help you make the most of your travel fund so you can have more worry-free journeys in 2019!

1. Score great deals from travel fairs. Thanks to airline companies offering seat sales online, more people are able to travel on the cheap. For more special deals however, don’t miss travel fairs held throughout the year in Manila. Bag cool discounts on hotel rates, tour packages, airfares and other travel-related expenses. Watch out for the NAITAS Travel & Trade Show in April, Travel Madness Expo in July, Philippine Travel Mart in August and September and World Travel Expo in October.

2. Consider staying in shared accommodations. Travelers are fortunate nowadays because there are many options for accommodations. Staying in economy inns, backpacker hostels, and cozy guesthouses lets you save money on lodgings if you don’t mind the communal bathrooms and dorm-type setting. If you’re with family or friends, then rent an apartment or condo unit from sites like Airbnb for modern home conveniences.

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Maximize travel budget

3. Don’t go overboard on travel gear. Do you really need four pairs of shoes for a week-long trip in Vietnam? How much clothes should you bring for a trek in the mountains? Always remember to pack light or you’ll risk paying for excess baggage on the plane. Thus, don’t go shopping for too much gear. Have a decent pair of walking shoes and bring enough clothes that suit the climate of your destination.

4. Look for free tours in your destination. Oftentimes, some museums, parks and other sights in the city don’t have admission fees. Also, take advantage of free walking tours organized by locals for more savings. But if you want to book a sightseeing tour, there are service providers such as Klook and Kkday that offer discounted rates. You can avail special tourist passes to several attractions, day tours, bus tickets and other services from these booking sites.

5. Use local transport. The cheapest way to get around the city or town is public transport. Don’t shy away from taking the bus, trains, tuktuks, and other types of local transit. You’ll find that commuting is way more inexpensive than hiring a private car or using the cab. It will even give you a closer look at the everyday life of locals. Afraid of getting lost? Arm yourself with a well-researched route plan. If worse comes to worst, ask for directions from friendly folks in the neighborhood.

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Maximize your travel budget

6. Eat like a local. Avoid going to touristy restaurants because for sure, the prices will be touristy. Go to local eateries frequented by locals to enjoy cheaper meals. Explore supermarkets for snacks and takeout lunches. Hostels and guesthouses often provide a microwave for reheating food. Another way to save on dining expenses is to prepare your own food. If you’re renting an Airbnb property, make full use of the kitchen facilities to cook a hot meal.

With careful planning and having a positive attitude, you can maximize your travel budget. Learn to be more mindful of your expenses so that money will not get in the way of you achieving your travel goals.

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