10 Ways to Decorate With Houseplants

Transforming your condo unit through the use of house plants is now made easy. Check out these 10 ways to decorate and transform your home into a green oasis through the use of plants. By Stef Reyes

No matter the size of your home, there's always a way to bring in some plants.

Adding plants inside your condo is a good way to give it color, life, and a more inviting atmosphere. It also improves the air quality inside your home, detoxifying the air according to the Clean Air Study by the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA).

No matter the size of your home, there’s always a way to bring in some plants. If this is your first attempt to decorate with houseplants, here are a few ways to do it without too much time and effort.

1. Start a vertical garden.
A large room isn’t necessary to be able to care for various indoor plants. Given the limited floor space available in some condos, growing plants vertically will help you maximize your available space.

Here are a number of vertical garden design ideas that would be of great help in planning your vertical garden.


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2. Hang houseplants from your ceiling.
Hanging houseplants from the ceiling is another unique yet low maintenance option to display your greenery. Making use of hanging plants add an unexpected element to your home décor without sacrificing precious counter space.

An easy way to hang plants is through the use of macramé baskets or hanging pot holders. To add texture, you may try to hang your plants at different heights or put them over your dining table to create a canopy.

10 Ways to Decorate With House Plants

3. Display plants on windowsills.
In addition to putting available spaces to great use, placing your houseplants on windowsills increases the survival rate of your plants since they will surely get enough sunlight.

If the windowsill is located in your kitchen, you may consider putting any of these 7 best herbs for container gardening.

10 Ways to Decorate With House Plants

4. Use plants as drapes on high shelves.
If you currently have cabinets or high shelves with empty, awkward spaces on the higher tiers, using a plant to fill these out will make for surprising shelf decor.

10 Ways to Decorate With House Plants

5. Create a plant corner in one area of your condo unit.
If you have ample available floor space in your condo, you can opt to create a mini oasis in the form of a plant corner with a variety of houseplants. To pull off a lush and organic look, you will be needing numerous indoor plants of different types, textures, sizes, and even different types of containers.

Aside from serving its purpose of being a focal point in any room, having a plant corner can also help you relax whenever you need a quick breather.

10 Ways to Decorate With House Plants

6. Place a combination of plants as a centerpiece.
Plants add a punch of color to any spot that they are placed in. If you want to liven up your dining area, having houseplants as a centerpiece is a great idea. Succulents are recommended for this since they are low maintenance and would also work well with other gardening decors such as stones and pebbles.

10 Ways to Decorate With House Plants

7. Decorate your bedroom headboard with houseplants.
Greens are known to have a naturally soothing quality, so better put them to good use by placing plants inside your bedroom to set a restful mood. Instead of having a standard headboard that is filled with your personal essentials, you may add small potted plants or a single large plant with big leaves that will cover the area.


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8. Be one with nature by having plants in your bathroom.
In addition to your bedroom, another area which should make you feel comfortable and at ease is your bathroom. Having plants in this area gives it a natural feel while you are going about your daily routine.

More than aesthetics, another reason to put plants in your bathroom is the greater chance of plant survival as the moisture from your shower would greatly help your plants to stay alive.

10 Ways to Decorate With House Plants

9. Make use of plant boxes as partitions or dividers.
Given the limited space in some condos, each item that goes in your home should be multifunctional. Apart from being a platform to showcase ornamental plants, plant boxes can also help in dividing your condo unit into different zones, especially if you have a studio unit.


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10. Put large potted plants in your living room.
Spice up your living room arrangement by putting big plants with wide leaves near your couch. These serve as statement or accent pieces and thus, should be chosen with utmost care. Tall houseplants can also serve as backdrop, especially if your living area is quite bare.

10 Ways to Decorate With House Plants

Plants change the vibe or energy in any area and should be considered as important design elements. Nowadays, endless options are available which gives you flexibility in deciding the type, size, and shape of houseplants that you will use.

It is also important to note that plants can be low maintenance and having a green thumb is not a requirement to care for plants that thrive even in less than ideal conditions.

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