Toolbox 101: 10 Tools Every New Homeowner Needs

Tools are vital to new homeowners—these 10 will help you turn your house into a home

From Elena Rouame on Unsplash

Your condo needs a lot of TLC over time. Doors need realignment, floor tiles get cracked, bathroom fixtures need replacing. A living space is just like the people who live in it: they can’t stay in tip-top shape without a little maintenance.

The good news is, you don’t have to run to a repair expert to do basic fixes around the house. You can do it yourself instead: saving you money while providing the immense satisfaction of fixing a part of your living space by yourself.

To successfully do DIY projects and home repairs as a new homeowner, you will need an efficient toolbox. Here are the 10 basic tools you’ll need.

Power drill and drill bits

Use this to drill holes, drive screws and bolts, tighten door hinges, and even sand surfaces (attach a sanding drum for this task). But remember to consult the property manager or your home’s blueprint to see where (or if) you can drill holes so you can avoid accidentally hitting electrical wires and water pipes.


A claw hammer drives (and removes) nails and a mallet (a kind of hammer with a rubber or wooden head) knocks together wooden or steel pieces to assemble furniture.

Extension cord

To make it more convenient when you use power tools, use an extension cord to add power outlets to a room with just one built-in pair. (Just don’t plug in too many tools into it, or else you risk overloading the circuit and starting a fire.)

A collection of nails, screws, and nuts and bolts

You’ll want these available in a variety of sizes, for the general purpose of driving pieces together. Nails can repair wobbly wooden chairs, among others; screws can help install shelves or hooks; nuts and bolts can tighten loose pieces of appliances. They may be small, but they’re absolutely useful in the right situation.

Retractable tape measure

This is an indispensable tool to measure pieces when you’re shopping for furniture or hanging artwork and other items. It also helps when rearranging furniture, allowing homeowners to fit pieces into place.

Manual set of screwdrivers

The most common types include the slotted type (or flat-head) and the Phillips type (or cross-head). Experts consider these vital for their flexibility—from tightening cabinet doors to prying open a can of paint.


Get the two most useful types—needle-nose pliers can get into tight places, and slip-joint pliers can grip and cut wires, grab bolts, and even pull out nails.


Not just used to cut wood, this tool can also cut through plastic pipes and metal brackets; perfect for DIY projects, artwork, or custom-fitting furniture pieces.

A set of hex keys (or Allen wrenches)

These are L-shaped tools in different sizes with hexagonal ends that fit bolts or screws that have hexagonal sockets. These “keys” are handy when maintaining (or repairing) your power tools and some gadgets, bicycles, furniture, and even your car.

Adjustable wrench

Its movable jaw helps you fit it perfectly around nuts and bolts to loosen or tighten them. It’s extra useful when you need to do plumbing repairs.

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