Live Big in a 49-sqm Condo Unit

Creative and fun ways you can enjoy your very own space.

Condo living can be exciting. Aside from the convenience of living close to everything, having quiet time in a cozy space that you can call your own is definitely something to look forward to. This can even open doors for you to be creative and imaginative in using your condo space, and realize that there are actually a lot of things you can do. Pursuit of Passion shows you some of them.

flatscreen TV1. Invite friends over.

Because why not? You can whip up an intimate dinner for two and invite your beau over. Or you can gather your best friends for a movie marathon one Saturday afternoon. You don’t even need seats—just spread a mat in front of the TV, bring out refreshments, and you’re all set. A 49-sqm condo unit has space for two bedrooms, so if your friends decide to stay the night, you can accommodate them.

bookshelf2. Showcase clever storage tricks.

When you live in a condo, some people might think that you live uncomfortably in a tight space. Prove them wrong! Living in a condo prompts you to be creative in order to maximize the space you have.

Got plenty of books or décor? Instead of letting them go, display them on open or hanging shelves as a focal point of your space. If you have a lot of bags, mount hooks on your wall and hang them there. Can’t live without your shoe collection?

At Daiso, you can find a 10-tier shoe rack that you can assemble at home. You can easily fit it in a tiny space, even if your condo unit is just 49 sqm or smaller. Even your sleeping space can double as storage by using a bed that has drawers underneath (click here to find out what furniture pieces to buy first for your condo).

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potted plants

3. Grow plants indoors.

Even if you don’t have a sprawling lawn, you can still have your own garden in your condo unit. Grow some herbs in small pots and put them on your balcony. Instead of a stack of books, place a dish garden or a low pot of succulents on your coffee table as a centerpiece. If your two-bedroom unit has a balcony, you can even utilize the space for a vertical garden. Your bathroom can also be home to indoor plants that thrive in moist environments like orchids, spider plants, and bromeliads.

framed photos hanging on a dark wall4. Experiment with paint colors.

Let your unit deliver a huge impact through the clever use of colors. Try painting an accent wall with bold hues like yellow, deep blue, or lime green, then keep the rest of the unit neutral. Or be bold in your choices of wallpaper. Let colors and patterns speak about your style, so even if you don’t accessorize your space to the nines, your condo home would be far from forgettable and ordinary.

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yoga mat etc5. Create your mini-fitness corner.

You don’t have to fill your condo home with huge fitness equipment. Are you into yoga? Simply lay your mat in front of your TV or laptop and voila! You now have your own yoga studio. There is exercise equipment that can fit even a 49-sqm condo unit, like kettle bells, dumbbells, exercise balls, jump ropes, and suspension trainers. To avoid clutter, dedicate a corner where you will store all of these when not in use.

Floor plan of a 2-bedroom unit with balcony

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