How to Create The Perfect Home Office

A dedicated workspace can benefit anyone, whether you’re lucky enough to work from home or you just need a space to focus and pay the bills. By Kat Velayo-Greenberg

A dedicated workspace is a great addition to a household, whether you’re lucky enough to work from home or you just need a space to pay the bills. Everyone deserves to have a space that lets you focus and keep your work clutter from exploding all over your dining table.

Here are tips to craft yourself the perfect home office, even if you don’t have that extra bedroom. Building one from the space you do have can feel incredibly fulfilling.

Prime Location

Find an area in your home that can feel distinct from the rest of your living space. Does the layout of your condo create any nooks? Is there a closet that you can empty out and turn into an office? (Hello, Marie Kondo.)

Another crucial factor to consider is access to electrical outlets. Make sure you can at least get an extension cord to the area without creating a tripping hazard.

Even if your layout doesn’t naturally have any good options, you can often create a great space out of a corner with some creative furniture placement.

Functional Furniture

One thing every home office needs is storage. To keep your work from spilling over into your private life, you’ll want to store all your serious papers and work supplies in your workspace. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting a desk with a lot of drawers.

But you can also get creative with floating shelves, baskets to corral clutter, shelves that double as walls or a short filing cabinet that can also work as a side table or extra seat.

Dream Decorating

While a regular office might be a drab place with bad lighting, your home office can look any way you want it to. Think about what kind of spaces you enjoy spending time in, then bring those elements to your office. You’ll want to create a space that you’re comfortable in yet still makes you feel productive.

For some people, that means artfully-positioned tiny figurines, for others, it’s a space full of lush plants and art.

Light It Up

The right lighting is important for getting work done. If the area you chose is not well-lit by overhead lights or a window, consider getting a task lamp that sits on your desk or can be mounted to the wall. Task lamps let you focus the light where you need it.

Throne Room

Finally, the one thing every home office needs is a good chair. You’ll be spending a lot of time at your desk, so invest in a seat that cradles your body ergonomically and doesn’t create aches and pains.

An adjustable rolling chair is always a good choice, as you can customize it to your needs. But there are lots of options, like a kneeling chair that helps with your posture; or a leather-upholstered seat that you’ll want to sink into for hours.

If you’re ready to find your very own place to work, play and rest your head, then head to to learn more. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!