How to Buy Affordable Alternatives to Popular Home Appliances

Use these tips to buy popular home appliances that can give you premium functionality at a cheaper price.

Photo from Creative Exchange on Unsplash

Appliances are rarely top-of-mind when we think of creating a home for ourselves — we tend to focus on architecture and interior design first. But appliances are just as important when furnishing your home. At the very least, they give us the luxury of time and saves us effort; at most, getting high-end appliances to communicate status and come with a raft of extra features.

As with gadgets, you get what you pay for when it comes to appliances — they come in a range of prices, with higher-end brands coming with a better feature set and overall prestige. Fortunately, you can find good buys even in the mid- and upper-low range.

If you’re not dead set on buying the most prestigious brands, you can find alternatives that can give you similar functionality at a cheaper price.

    Bladeless fans have made quite the splash in this category, because they look nothing like what we understand fans to look like. If you can’t afford to splash out the PHP 50,000 it costs to buy a top-of-the-line model but still have your heart set on something bladeless, you can find affordable alternatives costing between PHP 2,500 and 7,400.
    Pinoys love our Internet, and our desire for connectivity has bled into our TVs. Top of the line, Netflix and Youtube-capable brands can cost you over PHP100,000, but you can get a 32-inch LED smart TV for PHP10,000.
    Buying a fridge? If storage is your top priority, then the French door refrigerator (the side by side variety) may be the way to go. A premium French door refrigerator with 30 cu. ft. capacity can cost over PHP123,000. If you’re not interested in add-ons like the ability to control your refrigerator through your smartphone, then you can get a 24. cu. ft. side by side refrigerator for about PHP46,000.
    You want your condo interiors to stay spotless? A high-end vacuum cleaner can set you back some PHP15,000, but that gets you industrial-size power and maximum capacity. But that might not be practical for your needs, especially if you only have a one-bedroom or studio condo unit. In that case, PHP 2,200-3,200 vacuum cleaner is enough to keep your unit spotless.

Remember that what you put in your home dictates your quality of life. When buying appliances, make smart choices: if you think you can get the most bang out of your buck if you go with the cheaper version then do so. But if you have your heart set on a premium model, then save your money and work at getting it. You’ll be using it every day, after all — and wouldn’t it be nice if your home is filled with only the things that you love?

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