Avida Living: A Home to Last a Lifetime

Civil engineer Carlo Roxas hoped to build a home he could pass on to his children; he realized his dream in Nuvali, Laguna. By Joyce Panares

Carlo Roxas with his family. Image courtesy of Carlo Roxas
Carlo Roxas with his family. Image courtesy of Carlo Roxas

It has been a little over a year since Carlo Roxas, 39, finally topped off construction of his family nest in Nuvali, Laguna. Calling Carlo’s four-story house at Avida Woodhill Settings Nuvali “savvy” feels like an understatement: it was an investment for the long haul, one that he hopes to pass on to his two kids, aged seven and three.

(In fact, this early, Carlo and his 38-year-old wife decided to have a fourth bedroom on the ground floor, “for when we are too old to use the stairs,” he says.)

“When you have the opportunity, start to invest on property more than anything else, especially if you have family or want to have a family,” Carlo tells us. “It starts with a lot, but when everything is done, you will have a place you can call home… [It] gives you a sense of security and peace of mind. It also gives a sense of fulfillment for you and your family.”

“Everything was provided for a purpose”

Armed with his 15-year background as a civil engineer and driven by his natural OC-ness (obsessive-compulsive behavior), Carlo set out to raise his dream home from the 158-sqm lot he and his wife bought in January 2018.

Where an empty space once stood, the results of Carlo’s hard work and foresight took shape in the span of nine months: a four-bedroom home with three bathrooms and a powder room, all in a very spacious 350-sqm floor area that includes a basement and an attic.

“We wanted a clean and modern design, spacious and not too much furniture or intricate details,” Carlo tells us. “We also considered convenience in cleaning, repairing and maintaining the house. Everything was provided for a purpose – nothing fancy or too decorative.”

Kitchen filled with natural light. Image courtesy of Carlo Roxas
Kitchen filled with natural light. Image courtesy of Carlo Roxas

Natural light adds feeling of space

Large windows opened up the house to natural light, allowing the family to maximize daylight and natural ventilation to save on energy. The dining area is surrounded by low emissivity glass to minimize UV light, and there is also a light roof right above the stairs.

“The amount of natural light entering the house is enough to feel like we are outside,” Carlo explains. “This makes the rooms feel very spacious.”

Polished concrete was used in the living and kitchen areas, as well as in the basement and the balcony – making these spaces easy to clean. Similarly, low-maintenance vinyl wood planks were installed in the bedrooms for a homey feel.

Carlo decided to paint the walls and ceilings ivory white, to maximize the effect of sunlight entering the house; furniture and appliances were selected in earth colors to match the overall modern look.

Building for a lifetime

For Carlo, it was just as important to invest in protecting the house’s exterior. “Our exterior paint also functions as waterproofing to protect us from leaks, while our asphalt metal roof serves as insulation from noise and heat,” he tells us.

The attic itself also doubles as another barrier to trap heat, while the basement helps cool the ground floor, especially during the rainy season. With both spaces in play, Carlo has found that they’ve no longer needed to use electric fans.

“In terms of budget for our home, I thought more into the upkeep of the house, as we already decided that this is where our children will grow until they finish school,” Carlo explains. “This is where me and my wife will become old eventually.

“The cost of investing more on the shell of the house while keeping the interior simple and straightforward will ensure our home will last a lifetime,” he adds.

Carlo Roxas’s family home. Image courtesy of Carlo Roxas
Carlo Roxas’s family home. Image courtesy of Carlo Roxas

Validated by the lockdown

For Carlo, choosing the property in Nuvali was an easy decision: it was safe, secure, and with all the convenience of being able to access essential needs such as a supermarket, a gas station, and a hospital all within a 15-minute drive.

“The recent community quarantine actually gave us the validation that we made the right choice of building our home here in Woodhill. We did not need to get a travel pass to get our basic needs. The community was also very helpful and provided for each other’s needs,” he tells us.

“We are still able to go outside without fearing risks on our safety, since the village is very spacious and we could easily distance ourselves from our neighbors,” Carlo adds. “Our friends and extended families envied us during the pandemic: we were able live (normally) with the feeling of still being safe.”

If you’ve always wanted to build your own long-term family home the way Carlo has, you don’t have to look very far. Find out what Avida has in store for you, by browsing through your options here.