7 Ways to Make your Micro-Kitchen Lean and Mean

Follow these 7 tips to spruce up your micro-kitchen despite the space limitations. By Stephannie Reyes

Knowing how to efficiently make use of the living space in your condo unit is a must. Nowadays, having a limited floor area is not a hindrance to ensuring a comfortable living condition, especially for modern city dwellers.

Aside from the living room and bedroom, the kitchen is an area where you will spend most of your time in, especially if you prefer prepping your own healthy meals instead of ordering food in or eating out.

With creativity and application of strategic design principles, you can still ensure that you can do your day-to-day activities with ease and without any hassle. Also, having an efficient micro-kitchen can solve all your dilemmas without compromising functionality and style, while leaving a smaller footprint than your average kitchen.

If you’re thinking where to start, take inspiration from this Avida Towers Riala micro-kitchen, and read on to add new tricks up your sleeve in making your micro-kitchen lean and mean.

This micro-kitchen cleverly makes use of the corner space by creating a sink + under-sink storage “vortex” that connects the countertop/shelf/mini-fridge storage, and a bar-type dining nook that can also double as counter space.

Multi-purpose shelves and counters provide ample storage and workspace — just make sure you keep these areas clutter-free!

Always CLAYGO (Clean as You Go)
This might not be an architecture principle or an interior design tip, but this is one of the best space-saving tips that you should follow. Keeping your kitchen clean, orderly and clutter-free will give you ample counter space to work on. When dealing with a small surface area to do your preparations, it would help a lot if you clean up immediately after finishing one task In order to make way for your next tasks.

Install a pull-out counter/preparation station
If you’re short on space on your kitchen counter, you can opt for a pull-out prep station that you can easily slide in and out whenever you need it. If this is not an option, you can get a bit creative and have a makeshift prep station by placing a large cutting board on your stovetop, over an open drawer, or over the kitchen sink while you’re doing your meal preparation.

Maximize your vertical storage space
If you can’t expand your micro-kitchen horizontally, why not do it vertically? Tiered cooling racks and wire shelf risers are not limited to being used for cakes and cookies. By making use of these, you can instantly double your storage space by creating additional layers on your kitchen cabinets. With the additional room produced by these additional layers, you can have more space for holding prepped ingredients and dishes.

Create more “drawers” by using deep pans as storage
If your micro-kitchen still has space on top of your cabinets or appliance, you can store other items such as shopping bags, table linens, placemats, napkins, or extra supplies that you do not use often on these higher spots.

Install hooks wherever possible
Hanging your stuff in the kitchen would not take up much space as compared to piling your supplies into shelves or fitting them inside your drawers and cupboards. Moreover, it makes looking for kitchen items faster since you can easily view them.

Use your oven as additional storage
If you don’t use your oven that often and only use the burner most of the time, you can also store pots, pans, or baking supplies inside your oven when this is not in use. Of course, just never forget to remove these whenever you will be needing your oven for baking.

Use foldable tables and chairs for more kitchen space when working
In a micro-kitchen, both your floor and surface are valuable. By using foldable tables and chairs, you have the option to fold and store these during preps and just bring them out after meal preparations and stow them away after meals.

With a spunk of creativity and imagination, your micro-kitchen could make up for the lack of space with its functionality. By following these micro-kitchen hacks, you can surely make the most out of your unit’s square footage.

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