5 Temporary Condo Makeover Hacks to Make Your Renters Feel at Home

These easy and affordable tricks help create a function-meets-style dwelling place for your tenants. By Diona Valdez


It’s not just a condo, it’s a second income.

If you’re an Avida condo owner needing a second income stream, renting out your condo unit is a wise income-generating move. But it’s not always easy to do: while finding tenants is your goal, it’s also crucial to build a good relationship with them.

Making your tenants feel at home at their new place not only seals a long-term deal, but it also encourages them to take good care of your Avida unit the way you do.

Luckily, you don’t need to do a major renovation to make your tenants happy! Here are a few temporary design tips that can turn you into the best landlord ever:

1. Add wonder to walls

Plain, off-white walls may be boring to some. Removable wallpaper can perk up your condo minus the hassle. Because it easily sticks to surfaces, you just have to pick a design that matches your interior. Opt for solid colors if you’re on the safer side — pastels are as eye-catching as bolder shades.

On a tight budget? Create a quirky accent wall with washi tape to form shapes or patterns such as stripes and asterisks. It can even frame polaroids or travel photos that are worthy of visitors’ attention.

Bonus tip: if you plan to display some artwork without drilling, go for lightweight frames that can be attached using double-sided tape. No need to hang all pieces — prop large ones on the floor for a charming contrast against surrounding décor.


2. See things in a new light

Lighting is one of the easiest and cheapest tweaks that can upgrade your abode. Hang pendant lights to brighten the kitchen or place string lights in the bedroom to up its ‘grammable factor.

Tenants who love home entertaining will appreciate a chandelier that makes for a stunning conversation piece. A mood-enhancing floor lamp is another lovely item for welcoming guests — it gives an illusion of height to your living room, too.

3. Cover a lot of ground

Taking the floor for granted is quite understandable, what with a lot of furniture and accessories that already bring personality to your unit. Besides, wouldn’t changing your tiles take too much from your savings?

But dear landlord, please remember: with great décor comes great flooring.

Create a cohesive look from the ground up with adhesive floor tiles that you can install with minimal effort. These waterproof, easy-to-clean fixtures can complement your décor, as well as protect your original flooring from scratches and stains. Just choose a shade or pattern that won’t be too overpowering.

4. Push boundaries

Both literally and figuratively, that is. Maximize space — and creativity — with furniture that separates one area from another. Dividers come in handy, but why not get out of the box with a pretty yet practical bookshelf?

Potted plants of varying heights, sizes, and textures also provide a refreshing take on putting borders within a room. These natural air deodorizers can help get rid of food smells, especially in areas that have limited space.

5. Go back to basics.

Your future renters may have other prospects to move in to. Encourage them to stay at yours (and for longer!) by providing basic appliances to make their stay a lot more convenient and cozy. Electric fans, air-conditioners, and an induction stove are some essentials that need to be durable enough to be used several times daily.

Condos in BGC, Manila and elsewhere in the Philippines use these tips to attract tenants to stay for the long term, without spending a fortune. Now, so can you!