Holiday Decorating for Your Condo

Living in a small space can limit your decor choices, but here are five Christmas decorating ideas that won't give you any storage problems when the holidays are over. By Katherine Lopez

‘Tis the season again to prepare for the holidays. If you haven’t started your holiday decorating for Christmas, well you should start now. Living in a small space though can be challenging because the lack of floor area will likely limit your decor choices. Tall Christmas trees will be out of the picture, too, as you may not have enough storage for them after Christmas. But don’t worry–you can have a holiday-ready home even without a tree. With these simple Christmas decorating ideas, you won’t encounter problems with storing your decor either when the season is over.

1. Hang a Christmas wreath on your doors.

This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to make your home ready for Christmas. You can buy wreaths in department stores, tiangges, and budget-shopping hotspots like Divisoria and Dapitan Arcade which is located at Dapitan cor. Kanlaon St., Quezon City.


If you’re into traditional decor, then a classic wreath with pine cones, ribbons, or Christmas balls is for you. If you want to be unique, you can make your own wreath using faux pine leaves and small plush toys to substitute for pine cones. You can even try making a holiday wreath out of plastic bottles! See video below.

2. Display a small nativity scene.

You can put this on a slim console table in your foyer (if your space has one) or even on a shelf. You do not have to include all the shepherd and sheep if they cannot fit in the available space. A small nativity scene is also easy to store after the holidays. Just wrap each piece in paper and store in a box.

You can find a belen at Dapitan Arcade and most Papemelroti branches. You can also check out St. Paul’s.

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3. Display holiday-themed figurines or toys.

Mix plush toys with throw pillows on your sofa, or let a Santa doll sit on an accent chair. If you have a child, he will surely be delighted with this type of decor. You can also decorate your shelves, coffee and side tables, and console tables with Christmas figurines that you can buy in department stores. If they are breakable, make sure they are out of children’s reach.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

4. Put Christmas-themed sweets in clear jars or on saucers.

Whenever you have guests, serve gingerbread man cookies or treats that remind them of Christmas, even if it’s not yet December. On days when you’re not expecting visitors, place colorful cookies in clear jars and put them in visible spots in your condo unit to spread the holiday spirit around your home.

Photo by Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

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5. Use Christmas gifts as decor.

Who says Christmas gifts are only meant to be placed under a Christmas tree? If you live in a small condo unit, you can create a pile of beautifully wrapped presents on a corner. You can also make a simple vignette on a side table if your gifts are mostly small items. Make sure that the gifts you are going to decorate your place with are not food or perishable items. You don’t want any ants or mice to nibble on them.


The holidays are a time to bring cheer not only to other people but to your space as well. Remember, living in a condo doesn’t have to mean not being able to give your home a festive atmosphere. These days, you don’t need to be limited by floor space (your shelves, countertops, walls, door, windows, etc. are all possible decor places) and decor ideas. Happy Christmas decorating!