Investment Ideas for OFWs

Many Overseas Filipinos who have plans of settling in the Philippines may want to consider these exciting investment opportunities to make their money work for them while they’re abroad. Going back to the Philippines after years away from home is every Overseas Filipino’s dream, but it is important to secure the stability of their future first. Some of the ways to achieve this is through long-term and short-term investment options:


Also known as T-bills, this short-term government security whose interest matures in less than a year is one of the simplest ways to start investing. Investing in Treasury Bills is one of the most ideal ways to grow your money because it’s risk-free due to the low probability that the Philippine government will default on its own local currency debt, plus you also get the interest in advance.

Almost every bank in the Philippines sells T-bills, each having different minimum investment amounts. All you have to do is pick the bank you trust most and is most convenient for you and open an investment in Treasury Bills there. Despite the banks’ difference in the minimum placement which ranges from 50,000 pesos and up, there are 3 standard tenors or payment frequency offered in these banks: 91 days, 182 days, and 364 days maturities. The number of days ensuring that the maturity of the bills fall on a business day.

Treasury Bills are quoted in two ways: from the yield rate, which is the discount, or by the price based on 100 points per unit. T-Bills don’t bear interest, they are sold and issued at a discount from face value and are redeemed at the maturity of the investment. It’s a low yield investment but definitely earns higher than a simple savings account.



Bonds, simply put, are similar to an I.O.U. Basically, when you buy a bond, it means you are lending money to a corporation, government, or an agency which in return will pay you with a specified rate of interest on the duration of the bond and also to repay the face value of the bond when it matures. Similar to Treasury Bills, bonds are also low-risk investments but long-term with maturities of up to 25 years. There are many types of bonds you can invest in but the one with the lowest risk are those issued by the government. However, if you are a risk-taker and want to enjoy higher yields, you can try investing in corporate bonds.

The simplest and best way to earn from bonds is by buying, holding, and waiting for coupon payments and face value upon maturity. This way you really earn from your investment. For example, you have a bond worth 100,000 pesos at face value with a coupon payment of 5% that you are to pay every year for 5 years, this means you get 5000 pesos every year plus the 100,000 face value of your money upon maturity. Similar to Treasury Bills, Bonds can also be bought from almost every bank in the Philippines for a minimum of 100,000 pesos.



Renting out condos or town houses is also a very good kind of investment. Unlike bonds, and T-bills, with real estate the income source is more long-term especially in long-term rentals, which varies, depending on the area. For example, depending on the location, a one-bedroom condo can range in cost from PHP 15,000 to PHP 28,000. Although real estate may sound a bit pricier than simply lending your money to earn interest, investing on housing and condo rentals can promise higher returns on investment.


When all is said and done, there are a whole lot of options and opportunities for investment out there, but knowing which suits you best is important when trying to grow your money for a secure future. Make sure you plan yours well and seek help from financial advisors who can guide you in the world of investment.