5 Things First-Time Homeowners Will Understand

Purchasing your own Avida unit is a big stretch from when you used to rent a place that already had everything laid out for you. Having your own place now means you’re responsible for all the little things that make a house a home.

Building a home takes time, so don’t ever feel pressured if you have works-in-progress here and there. In time, you’ll get the hang of it, and everything will be worth it. In the meantime, here are five things only first-time homeowners will understand:

1. You’ll wonder where your shopping money went

Back when you were still renting, all you had to worry about was rent and groceries. But now that you are a proud, self-sufficient homeowner, you have to be more responsible about the money you spend and where you choose to spend it. After all, your mortgage, insurance, and property taxes won’t pay themselves!

2. You become your own handyman

Whether you think it’s a good or a bad thing, you are now in charge of maintaining the wear-and-tear of your new home. Sure, a handyman is only a call away, but this time, you’ll be the one paying for the service, unlike when you were under the gentle care of your landlord. And, as mentioned earlier, the extra bucks don’t come as easy as they used to.

3. The mall has become something more

Before, the mall was your haven, a place to relax or even just kill time. But now that you need to furnish your home, you see the mall as a source of decorating inspiration, with no end of interior design pegs you can try and replicate. With a little patience and a little budget tightening here and there, you’ll be able to work your way up to getting that cute couch for your living room.

4. You become a clean freak

Your old apartment may have been a place of freedom and democracy but your new home is a sanctuary. Keeping your visitors’ shoes off the shiny floors that you personally take care of mopping is now a top priority! Fingerprints on the glass? Never! And don’t even think about leaving a wet glass on the coffee table, because there will be consequences.

5. You are your home

Back when you were still renting, cleaning up was a chore. But now that you have your own home, you suddenly enjoy and take pride in keeping a clean home. Somehow, your home has become a part of you that always has to look presentable as if it’s some sort of window to your soul.