5 Reasons OFWs Need to Invest in Real Estate Now

Real estate investing for OFWs means more than just fulfilling their deepest wishes and dreams. Here are reasons why OFWs should invest in a property back home. By Dandee Adapon

Many OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) leave their families and loved ones back home to pursue their dreams of a better life for them. These include earning enough to provide for their daily needs, sending their siblings or children to school until they get a college degree, giving them a roof over their heads, and finally, setting aside enough for them to retire and finally come back home for good.

Far beyond just acquiring a tangible “brick-and-mortar” indicator that they have “finally made it,” it’s important for OFWs to understand that investing in real estate has many advantages and benefits that bring them closer to fulfilling the “OFW dream.”

Here are five (5) reasons why OFWs should invest in real estate.

1. Ownership of a Living Space

The most basic reason to invest in real estate is for their family to have a house in their own name, one they can call home. Instead of paying rent for a place they’ll never own and answering to a landlord for their family’s housing needs, an OFW’s home investment nets them a home they can freely renovate and live in—plus they can enjoy that sense of security that comes with settling down, planting down their roots, and thriving.

2. Passive Income

Another good reason to buy property is that it can be a valuable source of passive income. Renting or leasing out their house & lot or condo unit provides an income stream that can greatly supplement whatever money or cash OFWs are able to send to your family. Moreover, it can continue to be an eventual source of income when the OFW finally comes back home for good.

3. Appreciating Value

When it comes to investments, OFWs need to make sure that the value of their investment becomes higher than the cost of the investment. This is one of the biggest advantages of investing in real estate — its value appreciates over time, which not only means that your hard-earned money works overtime, but that you can also sell your property for a higher price down the line.

4. Vacation Home

You can also invest in a property with the purpose of using it as a vacation home. Having a second home outside Metro Manila, one with a more tranquil and relaxed environment, will insulate you from the chaos of city life when you visit the Philippines.

5. Retirement Home

Last but not least, you should invest in real estate because it can help you fulfill your ultimate goal — come home for good, retire, and spend time with your family. A retirement home will be a place for you to plant roots and re-acquaint yourself with life in the Philippines among loved ones.

While investing in real estate is a good idea for any OFW, not all real estate companies are created equal. OFWs are the heroes of their families, the money you work so hard to earn should be invested properly, and you should feel just as secure as you make your loved ones feel.

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