13 Second Jobs to Take on to Earn for Your Downpayment

Need to raise more money for your home downpayment? Your existing skills or knowledge can help you earn extra money via a second job.

For most Filipinos, having your very own dream home is not only the ultimate goal but also the biggest investment you will ever make. In reality, however, the road to achieving this can be tough, especially if you’re earning just enough. But like any other challenge, the first thing to do is to work your way to taking the first step. In this case, raising money for your home downpayment.

Whether you choose to save, scrimp, loan, or borrow money to raise your home downpayment, all these involve making serious adjustments to your lifestyle. A preferable way to raise your downpayment is to earn extra money with a second job.

Raising Your Downpayment Via A Part-Time Job

Earning extra money via a second job can be a fulfilling solution to your downpayment needs. The only caveat is that you would have to sacrifice several hours of your free time.

But if you happen to get a job that comes naturally to you and pays significantly higher than what you earn at the same time in your primary job, you’re on your way to raising your downpayment ahead of schedule.

Thanks to the Internet, you only need to go to the right job listing platform or marketplace, post a free ad or simply respond to a job listing, and you are two to three steps away from securing a part-time job.

Here are the most common part-time jobs that you can consider doing on top of your current job:

1. Data Miner

Average pay: Php50 to Php150 per hour

Your tasks as a data miner or encoder entail searching for customer leads or a particular set of data online, encoding and updating the data in your client’s database. Clients will usually hire data miners or encoders who know their way around online resources, have fast typing skills, and can consistently deliver the amount of data researched or encoded per shift.

2. Appointment Setter

This job shares similar responsibilities with that of a receptionist. The difference is that an appointment setter does a lot of outbound calls. While call center experience is not necessary to succeed in this job, you may want to have a sturdy Internet connection set up to make overseas calls using voice communication tools like Skype.

3. Virtual Assistant

Average pay: Php50 to Php200 per hour depending on workload

The tasks of a virtual assistant range from administrative work to client management. Employers who are looking for virtual assistants require people with excellent communication and documentation skills, with the ability to do multiple tasks within a part-time shift.

4. Medical Transcriptionist

Average pay: Php190 to Php390 per audio recording

A medical transcriptionist converts live audio or a recorded speech into text. Aside from typing skills, freelancers who are willing to take on medical transcription jobs should have sharp hearing, knowledge in native language and diction, and an educational background in nursing or any medical field.

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5. Reseller

The most popular items customers buy online are cosmetics, gadgets, fashion apparel and accessories, and health and wellness products. The majority of resellers would need to put up their own capital first to purchase the products for reselling, and then advertise them on their social networks like Instagram or Facebook.

6. Paid Survey Takers

Average pay: Php50 to Php150 per survey; pay will sometimes come with free product samples and redeemable points

The amount of money earned from these pay-per-click projects will only be significant if you are hardworking and industrious enough to take lots of surveys. However, taking surveys requires little investment, as you can easily take them via your mobile phone, personal laptop, or home desktop.

7. Language Tutor

Average pay: Php200 to Php300 per hour

There are two types of language tutoring jobs available, and both require extreme patience, good listening and communication skills. For one, you can teach written and conversational English to foreigners. Some companies may require certification, but the majority does offer training to handle and manage virtual classrooms or one-on-one sessions.

On the other hand, your Nihongo, Spanish, Mandarin, and other foreign language skills could come in handy if you prefer to teach people looking to learn a new language.

8. Content Writer

Average pay: Php300 to Php700 per hour or Php10,000 to Php15,000 per project

If you have a natural flair for words, why don’t you try content writing? Content is king on the Internet so there’s a lot of writing jobs you can take on, either on a part-time or even full-time basis. Some of these jobs include spinning articles for news aggregators, writing scripts or speeches, drafting academic papers, doing news or business reporting, creating website content, and writing company manuals.

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9. Skill-Based Worker

Job sites like Raket.ph and Craigslist PH cater to people who wish to use their skills for short-time work. If you can host or organize events, you can put your skills to good use. A wide range of other skills–from hair and fashion styling to carpentry–could also earn you extra income. Even your passion for CrossFit, yoga, or weightlifting can land you a new gig as an instructor.

10. Teacher

You can tutor students across the globe in subjects like Math, English, and Science to test preparatory courses for PEPT, NMAT, NAT, NCEE, and more. Some companies or individual clients pay part-timers or contractors by the hour or according to the tutor’s expertise level on a particular subject matter.

11. Graphic Designer

Average pay: Php2,000 to Php5,000 per day, depending on the project, but can go even higher

Projects or tasks most of the time involve conceptualizing and creating high-impact visuals. If you are creative and have up-to-date skills using professional image-editing apps or web design software, then working in graphic design might be something you’d want to consider.

12. Consultant

If you work in the business, financial, and legal fields, you can get extra work as a part-time bookkeeper, accountant, auditor, lawyer, HR professional, or business consultant. Your expertise in areas like accounting, finance, and business management will appeal to startups and small- to medium-scale businesses that cannot afford to hire full-time staff.

13. Carpooling Service Provider

Average pay: Php12,000 per week with incentives

If you drive your own car to and from work every day, you can monetize the hours and the gas money you spend on driving by signing up as a provider of a private vehicle service or a carpooling service.

Tips On Taking On A Part-Time Job

Before looking for extra work, however, you need to know your current company’s policy about employees taking on a part-time job in another company. There must be no conflict of interest. Once you establish that you are free to take on part-time work, you should remember that you are in this for your home and not for the extra income. It is good to earn more, but if, to do that, you have to take on more gigs than you can handle, it will not end well. It can get very tempting to put off saving and spending money only on discretionary expenses. Discipline is key.

Don’t drop your day job unless you begin earning more from your freelance work. Lenders such as banks and real estate developers prefer homebuyers whose financial profile reflects stability. A freelancer or a self-employed homebuyer will not have the same luck as a regular employee when it comes to securing a home loan.

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**List items derived from ECompareMo, UpWork, and Jobstreet