Create a Family-Friendly Home with These Easy Tips

When building a family home, you need to consider the needs of all family members of all ages: from a crawling toddler to you and your spouse's different preferences. By Katherine Lopez Hernandez

Creating a family home
A neutral color palette is a good starting point for a bright and airy home

Living in a condo in the city presents a lot of conveniences—proximity to business districts and schools, being a stone’s throw away from malls and commercial establishments, among others. But when your kids start growing up, it’s natural to look for a bigger home that can accommodate your family. You then transition from being a condo-dweller to a homeowner in the suburbs.

This chapter is exciting as much as it is challenging. If in a condo, your main concern is how to maximize a compact space, you’re now thinking of ways of how to make your new home suitable for your whole family. Don’t fret! It is easy. Here are some tips on how to do this.

Create a family-friendly home

1. Choose a neutral color palette.

When you paint your walls white, for example, it doesn’t mean that your space will automatically be bland. In fact, white walls are the perfect starting point for a bright and airy home—something you might want to achieve for your family. If you don’t like whites, you can also go for other neutrals like gray or even gender-neutral colors like pale yellow, blue, and green.

2. Furnish your home with timeless pieces.

You’re going to live here for a long time, so you’d want to go for furniture that can withstand the test of time. Contemporary furniture with simple silhouettes may look basic, but they can fit in any style and can accommodate your changing tastes. They can also be appreciated by everyone in the family.

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3. Make common areas simple but stylish.

No need for elaborate themes or styles if not everyone in your family can appreciate it. If you all have the same taste—including your kids—then, by all means, go for that ultra-sleek and modern look that you saw on a home decorating website. But if not, better to stick to a simple, even basic look for your living and dining areas. Then, just jazz them up with accessories that you can easily change from time to time.

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4. Put adequate storage solutions.

Clutter is a family home’s number one enemy, what with children’s toys, clothes of various sizes hanging here and there, slippers lying around, and so on. Combat this problem by providing storage spaces. We don’t just mean cabinets and shelves.

Double-purpose furniture pieces like ottomans-cum-storage and beds with drawers underneath can help a great deal in keeping clutter at bay. Put bins and baskets on some corners where your kids can easily stash their toys in. And don’t forget to put a trash can in every room in the house.

Creating a family-friendly home

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5. Child-proof your home.

Toddlers are naturally curious, and they like to dip their noses (quite literally!) in almost anything. Prevent accidents and injuries by installing socket covers or cabinet locks that your toddler cannot open. Choose textured tiles as well to prevent slips.

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Creating a family-friendly home

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