Condo Moving Checklist: A Guide to Hassle-Free Move In

Here’s a handy condo moving checklist that you can use to schedule your tasks so that moving into your new unit becomes a breeze. By Mai Bantog

Make sure you have a checklist weeks before moving-in day

After all those contracts and back-and-forth negotiations to secure that condo in BGC, the day that you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: moving in day!

But as exciting as it sounds, transferring all your stuff to your new home can be overwhelming. Here’s a handy condo moving checklist that you can use to schedule your tasks so that moving into your new BGC condo becomes a breeze.

Eight Weeks Before

  • Notify your landlord

If you’re currently renting, don’t forget to inform your landlord ahead of time that you’re already planning to move into your own unit.

  • Coordinate with your condo admin

Ask the condo board any questions that you may have about moving in. Are there loading docks, dedicated elevators, and parking spaces for movers?

Make the necessary arrangements with your condo admin to ensure a smooth move in.

  • Look for movers

Contact several moving companies and ask for a quote of their services before deciding to hire one. Don’t forget to ask about moving insurance and if they cover replacement costs. Be mindful of any hidden costs.

Six Weeks Before

  • Go through your items.

Sort your seldom used items in the garage, closet, and basement and decide which of them you’d like to keep, sell, or donate to charity.

  • Create a moving binder.

Use this binder to keep track of everything related to your move in – expenses, receipts, and inventories.

  • Measure your new home.

It would be a pity to have a couch that can’t even fit through the door. That’s why you have to take some time to measure your door and room dimensions before ordering any new furniture or appliances.

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Four Weeks Before

  • Limit your grocery items

Start using up everything left in your fridge while also limiting what you buy to avoid food spoilage.

  • Purchase supplies and start packing.

Buy boxes, packing tape, bubble wraps, packing paper, plastic wraps, markers, and labels.

Start packing everything except those that you’ll still use until you move. Label and seal each box, plus make itemized lists of each of the boxes’ contents.

  • Book your vacation leave

It will take time before you can settle into your new condo, so book a vacation leave and make sure that you have an allowance before and after you move.

Three Weeks Before

  • Update your address

Let your insurance, bank, credit card company, internet provider, cable company, and other businesses know that you’re transferring to a new home. Give them your new address so that they can also update their records.

Also, set up mail forwarding to your new condo so that you won’t miss any pertinent mail.

  • Install utilities in your new condo

Book installations of utilities like water, landline, electricity, and Internet in your new home. You would want to have all these set up before moving in.

  • Pack important paperwork

Pack your documents and valuable items separately, preferably in a safe box. Such important documents include your will, purchase records, financial records, birth certificates, and passports. Transport these yourself to ensure safety.

You should also photograph valuable items and note any pre-existing damage.

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Two Weeks Before

  • Ready your house for new owners.

Prepare the necessary instructional manuals and warranties that you need to give the new house owners. Label the keys for them and have your old home cleaned.

Remember also to leave your new address so that they can forward any stray mail.

  • Schedule utility disconnection.

Arrange for the disconnection of utilities the day after you move. These include water, gas, cable, phone, Internet, and security companies. Schedule those utilities to be turned on at your new home the day before you move.

  • Make special travel arrangements.

If you’re moving in with young children or pets, or if your condo in BGC is a long way off, make special travel arrangements for them for a hassle-free move in.

One Week Before

  • Check in with your movers

Call your movers and verify their arrival time. Iron out any last-minute details.

  • Finish packing

You should be done with your packing by now, with all boxes labeled and marked fragile as needed.

Since you won’t be able to unpack everything instantly, make sure that you have an overnight bag for your first few days in your new condo. It should include toiletries, prescriptions, comfortable clothing, clean sheets, chargers for your electronic devices, and anything else you might need.

  • Withdraw cash

Prepare your payment for your movers. You should also have enough cash on hand to cover any last-minute expenses.

Move-In Day

  • Supervise the move

Ensure that all your instructions are followed and that all the boxes are delivered to the correct rooms. Before they leave, sign the inventory list and keep a copy.

  • Check your old home

Double check the closets and cabinets in your old home to make sure that nothing is left behind. Lock your windows and doors, turn off the lights, and close the faucets tightly.

  • Check your new home

Make sure that all the utilities are working properly and that you have the keys to every lock in your new condo

Remember that the more that you get to do ahead of time, the easier moving in will be to your new condo in BGC.

Save the infographic below for a handy moving checklist: