Color Your World

A living space is more than just about the interiors and the pieces you pick out; it is a reflection of you.

When we think about home, an idea that comes to mind is usually four walls, a roof, some doors and windows attached. However, it is much more than that. It is more than setting pieces of furniture in a room, painting bare walls or screwing in light bulbs.

It’s about being the master of a space that you can well and truly call your own, in form, just as much as in concept. Sure, you can own a condo, but until you fix it up just right, it’s not really going to feel like home. If a space is going to be where you hang your hat, then it stands to reason it should reflect the kind of person you are.

This sort of personalization begins with decisions as simple as what color you want your walls to be. Choice of hue has been proven to affect mood, with different shades connoting relaxing thoughts or a feeling of freshness. For example, green has soothing qualities and yellow is associated with happiness.

Check out our guide below to see which colors correspond with which emotions!


colors and emotions

Colors evoke emotions. Use our handy guide to make sure your place has the perfect hues to welcome you home after a long day.


The ideal living space is more than just the interiors and the pieces you pick out; it is one where the palettes, pieces, and tones can serve as reflections of the people living in it.

Studies show that colors affect people in many ways – in terms of productivity, perspective, feelings, energy, state, and appetite, among others. Choosing the color combination for your unit in BGC could be challenging, so here are a few color swatches that you can use as inspiration:

color combinations

Use this guide to see which complementary color combinations work for you!

You can follow color trends, but those will eventually go out of style. What you can do is use the power of color to create illusions that will seem to change the shape and size of the place. What matters is that you end up personalizing whatever area of your home with colors that speaks of who you are.

For those looking to take the plunge in purchasing an Avida unit, the quality of life that comes with personalizing your own space is matched by the artistry that goes into every property’s overall surroundings, from look of the open grounds to that of the lobby – everything has been designed with aesthetic taste in mind. There is a home that will suit you and your lifestyle wherever you may decide to look: from north to south, from the city to the suburbs, from Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao.

These are the details, whether big or small, that come together to describe both the residents and their lifestyles, just as much as your everyday ensemble would. With the relaxing living experience and dynamic lifestyle that come with every Avida property, the only question left is: how would you like your dream home to look?