5 Color Ideas For Your Condo

Show your personality in your space with these designer recommendations. By Katherine Lopez

Instead of a color scheme, you can first decide on the design theme of your space.If you like Greek-inspired interiors, go for whites and blues (Photo by Orlova Maria on Unsplash)

You’ve finally bought your own place. You now have the key. But as soon as you enter your new condo unit, you are greeted by plain, blank walls. What would you do to inject more flair into your space? Interior designer Van Acuna Solana gives different color ideas for your condo unit. Now, you can explore options other than white.

1. Think of a theme and base your color palette on that.

Instead of thinking of a specific color scheme, you can come up with a look that you want to help you decide on what colors to use.

“My number one rule in choosing colors is to first know the concept of the space. Your desired design style determines the colors that go on the walls and furnishings,” says Van. “For example, if you like a coastal chic feel, walls can be painted with light powder blue. If you like Mexican style, walls can be painted in bright mustard yellow.”

Pastel colors don’t always appear too sweet or cutesy like this powder blue shade on the bedroom wall (Photo by Raphael Schaller on Unsplash)

2. Try pastels.

“Pastel colors give the space a fresh feel and depart from the boring and generic neutral,” says Van. The designer suggests powder blue or butter yellow for your small space. If you are worried that using pastels can make your condo unit look too sweet, Van recommends choosing furniture in neutral colors. “Not all pastel colors are too sweet or juvenile if you do it right. Homeowners can paint all walls with one pastel color like powder blue, but I highly suggest that major furniture pieces be in neutral colors like taupe.”

You can also use pastel colors as accents. “It can be a pop of color to give a room a bright or cheery feel. It may be used on an accent chair, throw pillows on the sofa, vases on the shelves, or curtains on the wall,” the designer explains.

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Choose home accessories with metallic shades (Photo by Kauffman Mercantile)

3. Accessorize with metallic hues.

Doing so can add drama to an otherwise drab space, but don’t go overboard. “Metallic colors like silver or gold can be overwhelming if used on large areas, but these colors can be utilized on furniture pieces, like side tables or accessories like a chrome hurricane lantern if homeowners want to add some shiny flair,” explains Van.

You can use dark colors for an accent wall (Photo by Linh Pham on Unsplash)

4. Use dark colors.

If you can go light, you can also go dark. Using dark colors in a small space won’t automatically make your condo unit look smaller. “Homeowners who prefer using dark colors can paint them on one accent wall, while the rest of the walls [are painted in] a light, neutral color. Another way is to use large mirrors on the wall. Even with the dark walls, a space can still appear large,” says Van.

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A patterned wallpaper can be the focal point of a room (Photo by Brandon Morgan on Unsplash)

5. Dress up your wall with a patterned wallpaper.

“For homeowners who like to install wallpaper on the wall, I suggest they use it on one accent wall. This can be the focal point in a room where the eye can be drawn to. This way, the patterns won’t overwhelm the small space,” says Van.

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