Canvas and Walls

You have the opportunity to show a piece of your household and to make something beautiful with your walls as your canvas.

The urge and excitement to decorate and personalize your own condo comes immediately after deciding that you are finally ready to invest in your own living space. It may come from having the idea of a dream house since you were a kid, or from traveling to different places here and abroad, or even from being inspired by Pinterest posts you pass through while looking for an outfit peg for a wedding you’re attending soon. Whether you want to keep it simple or be boldly decorative, design plays a huge role in truly owning the place.

Here are a few basic hacks to help you get started in decorating your new haven:


Choose your furniture wisely.

Aside from considering the amount of space that you can fill, picking out the furniture first can be a good start. These would probably be the most expensive items you will ever get for your place, so you have to make sure that the pieces you will pick would serve both form and function. There are several furniture stores in the country that offer well-designed, practical options such as Dimensione, Furniture Republic, SB Furniture, and Mandaue Foam, to name a few. Just remember to not overcrowd your space.

From there, you can already proceed to choosing the little things to match your furniture like vases, lamps or carpet rugs. It would also be a good idea to consider child-friendly furniture with soft edges, especially if you have kids or are planning to have one soon.

ProTip: Choose low furniture and add large mirrors.


Try veering away from themes. Create a palette instead.

While having a central theme would make it easier for you to achieve an interior that looks put together, you can also explore crafting a fusion of design and style in your new home. One of the first steps you can take is to create a color scheme that will guide you. Having a palette, compared to a theme, can inspire you to be more creative instead of sticking too much to one look. Sometimes it’s better to mix than to match.


Think of it as putting together an outfit that you would love to wear.

How your home looks like says lot about you and your family. Make the most out of beautifying your home by injecting your own personal character into your living space. Decorate your house with timeless pieces that you would definitely be proud to show off like paintings, decade-old centerpieces, and the like.

You can find home stores in Manila that offer local and imported nifty pieces that would definitely add character to your living space. Check them out here.


Light it up! 

Lighting affects design. You can choose to let more natural light into your home so your family can enjoy the brightness of day and the calmness of night. What matters most is that you make sure your ceiling bulbs or chandeliers, or even your lamps would highlight the beauty of your home. Ambiance is key to comfort.

Décor Manila offers affordable lights and lamps for first-time homeowners. But if you’re looking for something fancier, you can try visiting Illuminati Technique’s showrooms in Quezon Avenue, Greenbelt 5 or SM Megamall; or get a full makeover with Keystone Lamps & Shades.



Make a statement.

In between the little details and dainty pieces, pick out a “hero”. Interior designer Steve Cordony suggests that items as simple as a rug, an accent wall, or a classic as basic as a chandelier or a striking work of art can give your living space a character that people can remember. Go for a joyride and look for surplus shops from north to south, or go home store hopping with your partner to get some inspiration on how you can decorate your place.


There’s no real cheat sheet to decorating your condo. There are no rules, no secrets. In fact, it’s something you can keep on doing until it pleases you. You have all the freedom to decide on how your home would look like, and the best part is having the opportunity to show a piece of your household and to make something beautiful with your walls as your canvas.

“Do what brings you joy. When creating a home, fill it with things that make you happy. They should stir fond memories and help you make new ones.”

— Gwen Hefner, Interior Design Writer