Your Guide To Buying or Building a Home

Buying house and lot packages turn out to be more convenient investments in the long run than buying a lot and building your own house.

Pursuit of Passion Guide to Buying or Building a Home

You have reached a major decision to purchase your own home. The next question to ask yourself would be, is it better to buy a house and lot unit package or a lot only, and build the home on your own?

While it might be tempting to buy a lot only and think of taking on the management of your house construction, house and lot packages turn out to be more convenient investments in the long run. Buying your home from a trusted developer like Avida will let you save time and effort on sourcing and managing the house construction and allows you to maximize your finances. Moreover, this offers more flexibility in customizing or expanding your home in the future with the careful planning that goes into the house design and layout. You are assured of a home that gives you utmost long-term value.

Here are the advantages of buying versus building your own home:

  1. Sure

Building your home from scratch requires a lot of time, effort and know-how in house construction. Meanwhile, buying a house and lot unit will save you time and effort. You will have more peace of mind, knowing that the construction of your house will be in the hands of a trusted and experienced developer, who will oversee the construction with quality and guaranteed delivery.

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2. Secure

When you buy a house and lot unit, there is security in terms of material resources and home finance management (price lock-in, no mark-ups over time and efficiently planned payment financing).

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3. Sensible

Buying your home from a reputable developer ensures that the house design and layout are tried-and-tested. Like the community you are buying into, the house is thoughtfully designed to suit your family’s need in the present, with room for expansion in the future.

Avida offers safe and secure communities that enhance the well-being of its residents. Sensible amenities, wide open green spaces and breathable homes are integrated into each Avida property to give your children all the space to enjoy their growing up years.

Avida has house and lot developments located in the following locations:  Bulacan, Pampanga, Cabanatuan, Tuguegarao, Laguna, Cavite, Batangas, Iloilo, and Negros.

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