Before You Renovate Your Condo

For homeowners who’ve been in their houses or condos for a while, there comes a time when sprucing up the place with renovations to give it a different look and feel, or increasing its value via improvements or additions might be a good idea.

While renovations can be highly rewarding, keep in mind that they come with their own risks and challenges.


Familiarize yourself with the rules of your developer and homeowners association with regard to the types and extent of renovations you’re allowed to undertake, as well as under what conditions you’re allowed to carry them out. For instance, Avida condos don’t allow homeowners to make any alterations to the exteriors of their units, such as the walls and windows.


Determine what kind of renovations you want to undertake and have them approved by your building’s developer for feasibility and compliance with the aforementioned association rules. For example, if you’re looking at major structural changes that involve electrical work, your application will need to include architectural, plumbing, and/or engineering details from a credible, licensed contractor. Minor renovations such as painting don’t require such detailed documents.


In addition to renovation permit, you will need to pay a deposit that will be returned once the work is completed. It is also your duty to inform your building’s management the projected timeline for the renovation, as well as details like the number of workers, materials, and equipment to be brought into the premises.


Take an active interest in the renovation. Just because you hire a contractor doesn’t mean you can leave them alone to it, nor can you keep an eye on the work the entire time it’s going on. You know what they say about the best-laid plans? Make sure to check in on the work being done periodically while coordinating daily with the contractor.